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Watch: Facebook’s fake news worsening? Company’s revenues up 46%

Facebook gets ready to report Wednesday.

But aside from pleasing investors, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has pledged that his company has to do better for society. Bloomberg’s Sarah Frier takes a look at the mission ahead of him.

Facebook’s response to Russia’s spreading fake news on its site has spiralled into a full review of the social network’s role in society.

Is it a mind control machine?

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is Fake news going to get worse?

“None of that will hurt Facebook’s revenues,” said Frier.

“it is expected to have a strong quarter, in a year of $40bn in revenues up 46% on last year mostly on sales of mobile apps.”

Zukerberg wants change, she added, from content to media and brands to one for family and friends, and facebook is already investing in original content to compete with YouTube.

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