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Festival of Media MENA explains ‘Content Superchargers’

Top Twitter official in the region shares insights on content strategies

Festival of Media MENA saw the best of the global talents sharing their insights on the latest content strategies, and the technological transformations in the media landscape.

Parminder Singh, managing director of Twitter MENA, Southeast Asia, and India’s gave a captivating talk on “A Digital and Traditional Collision”.

At the event held in Dubai in partnership with Mediaquest, Singh explained what he referred to as “Content Superchargers”, rather the most important traits of successful content.

“Content must be native, integrated with external experience, and relevant in the context of the moment,” he said, adding, “all three things have one thing in common, which is harmony.”

Wrought with examples of his best case scenarios for ads that are placed on Twitter, Singh’s discussion theme seemed to be alignment. He posed that in order for content to be amplified by shares, it must be aligned with a current event.

His examples included, Dove’s #Speakbeautiful campaign, which was inspired by the 5 million negative tweets about their or someone else body or looks that cluttered the Twittersphere in 2014.

Dove’s campaign asked people to speak positively about their images during the Oscars. Singh explained that this piece of content was supercharged because of this timing

Twitter’s managing director also explained what consumers are doing on their phones, Singh said: “If you’re not making a call, you’re either consuming content or creating content.”

Singh then moved on to discuss how content should be delivered: “The concept of day-parting is gone, there is no one time during the day that people are more or less receptive your content. Any moment is the best time to day-part: now.”

He provided some pro-tips for creating shareable content: use engaging thumbnails, don’t overuse hashtags or other links, and have a clear call to action like “watch now” connected to a video.

And he finished with a shout-out to the consumers, highlighting the need to harness the power of user-generated content: “it’s central to a brands’ presence”.

He wrapped up by saying, “Start by listening, once you listen, develop a muscle memory for how to communicate with the people.”