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A frictionless revolution; prioritising creativity and comfort in the workplace

'As a contributor of more than 60 per cent to the UAE's GDP, the real test for the 'frictionless' workplace will be its ability to penetrate local SMEs'

The workplace is set to become a ‘frictionless’ arena, whereby accommodating creativity and an idea-flowing environment will be crucial; Aruba Network, a ‘networking vendor’, has highlighted.

Throughout the past decades, technology advances have meant that the modern workforce is no longer necessarily bound to its office desks. Instead, mobile devices are becoming the tool around which a company is structured.

Chris Kozup, a Senior Director at Aruba Networks, says that these advances mean that companies can now prioritise the comfort of its employees in a bid to gain the best possible rewards.What we’re seeing now is an employee-centric model of working, where employers are using new practices that favour collaboration over competition, productivity over presenteeism, and invention over inhibition,” he explains.

In return, the approach is creating a new breed of workers, #GenMobile, who “expect the world to work and think like they do, in ways that are collaborative and creative, but also local, agile and socially and civically aware.”

In previous years, the idea of such creativity-focused work hub would have been associated solely with tech giants such as Google or Facebook, however with widespread use of WIFI, cloud computing and mobile devices, where each user in the GCC on average owns 2.4 devices, “the merging of business and leisure has sparked a total rethink of how we structure our working day.”

“The future workspace will look less like an office and more like a multi-purpose apartment or leisure park, where brands work collaboratively, feeding off each other’s innovation and productivity. By sharing space, we’ll share ideas, and this will create even better ones,” says Kozup.

As a contributor of over 60 per cent to the UAE’s GDP, the real test for the ‘frictionless’ workplace will be its ability to penetrate local SME’s.

Research by Aruba Network suggests that 14 per cent of global firms have adopted the collaborative style of working. However, as technology continues to advance into everyday personal and business spheres, this is only likely to grow in years to come.