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GCU holds training session for government communication professionals

The Government Communication Unit (GCU) of Sharjah Media Centre (SMC) held a training session aimed at improving the ability of government communication professionals in Sharjah to deal with the media. The session was the first actual step to follow a comprehensive assessment of 15 government entities as part of the first phase of the Sharjah Government Communication Enhancement Program launched by SMC.

It saw the participation of communication professionals from the said 15 entities, namely: the General Command of Sharjah Police, Department of Culture and Information, Department of Housing, Public Works Department, Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority, Sharjah Municipality, Department of Economic Development, Department of Social Services, Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), Sharjah Health Authority, Sharjah Education Council, Commerce and Tourism Development Authority, Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Directorate of Town Planning and Survey and Administration of Children’s Centers.

The session was targeted at government spokespeople and media professionals, who regularly communicate with media outlets and are, therefore, required to have certain skills to effectively manage any form of direct interaction with these outlets. It was launched based on the fact that interaction with the media is a key element of government communication and a cornerstone in building and maintaining a government’s reputation.

The training session discussed how to communicate with the media, answer their questions, and deliver the right message on the spot. It also discussed ways to attract the attention of local and international media through key messages and deal with newspaper, radio and TV interviews confidently. The initiative, according to GCU, sought to make government communication professionals capable of anticipating and understanding what the media want and developing key messages, as well as preparing for interviews in a professional manner. It also sought to enable them to understand body language, handle crises and deal with press conferences.

Given that the media are the main tool for disseminating key messages, advertisements and achievements, the GCU session aimed to make it easier for government bodies to communicate with media outlets to cover news and publish content that reflects the distinguished image of Sharjah. It is noteworthy that the session was one of several included in a training program for workers in the government communication sector. In general, the sessions revolve around public speaking, media planning and management, as well as strategic communication. They are additionally centered on media monitoring, communication in times of crises, developing media messages, digital media, events and protocol.

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