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There’s a new way to get the latest business news, views and analysis from AMEinfo – and that’s by signing up to AMEinfo‘s very own WhatsApp.

What to expect

Every day we’ll send one to two business stories straight to your WhatsApp; you can comment and reach out to our editors too. And don’t worry, all correspondence is completely private and can not be read by anyone but AMEinfo editors.

How to subscribe

First, make sure you have WhatsApp on your mobile device.

You can download it here on the App Store for iOS or here on Google Play for Android.

Then, tap the button to add us as a contact on WhatsApp. (If you can’t view that, click here.)

Alternatively, you can also save +971 50 209 5917 to your phone’s contacts and send “Hi”


If you’re not reading this on a smartphone, you can still follow the steps above, load WhatsApp web and send a message with the word “Hi” to begin receiving updates.

How to unsubscribe: To opt out from receiving  AMEinfo updates on WhatsApp, send a message with the word “Stop” at any time.

How your data will be used: AMEinfo will only use your phone number to send updates via WhatsApp.

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