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Growing business at SGI Dubai 2015

Exhibitors hail the optimistic investment attitude and good atmosphere for businesses to strive

At Sign & Graphic Imaging (SGI) Dubai 2015, the largest trade show for signage (digital and conventional), graphic imaging, retail POP/POS, screen and digital printing in the MENA region and beyond, more than 400 exhibitors from all four corners of the world convened to showcase their newest products to an international audience.

The 18th edition of the annual exhibition also saw several product launches and once again catered to every interest and requirement.
SGI Dubai was about business as much as creating opportunities – for printers, for sign makers, for exhibitors – in short for everyone in the industry.

The UAE made up 34 per cent of exhibitors with Chinese companies taking the number two spot at 21 per cent. The next biggest exhibitor groups were from Korea (8 per cent), USA (7 per cent), Germany (5 per cent), UK (4 per cent), Turkey (3 per cent), Belgium, France and India (2 per cent).

“We are a regular participant with SGI Dubai and have come this time with an exciting range of products. The products include an extensive range of analogue and digital imaging systems. SGI Dubai exhibition has been very fruitful for us and we have signed several deals which have helped us gain good business. With every year we have seen that the show has grown and the footfall of people attending the show has also increased”, said Philip Van der Auwera, Marketing Sign and Display, from Agfa that brought one of the product launches to Dubai.

This positive statement was underlined by Abdallah Aoude, MEMA Regional Business Manager, HP: “We have been participating at the show for several years. It has been a great show for us and it has grown year over year. We have launched products and have received lot of interest from the market. We have focused on bringing in new technology and also have stressed the environment. The show has been absolutely good for us – we have met new customers from across the region this year.”

“Giffin Graphics always plays a vital role of introducing latest trends and technology for print industry in the region. We support our customers to stay ahead in the market by equipping them top quality products that offers efficiency in production, reliability and stability keeping in mind to always maintain a long and healthy business relationship,” said Elias Bekhaazi – Digital Graphic Systems – Manager. “SGIA Dubai is an outstanding platform to showcase our products with customers from all over Middle East and Africa,” he added.

“The multitude of exhibitors from various countries and cultures showcasing their solutions for an ever expanding industry and markets forecast with high annual growth rates is unique to SGI Dubai exhibition. New projects across the region are devised every day and all of them require signage in one way or another. In addition, this upward trend is further supported by the Expo2020 in Dubai expected to be the largest Expo hitherto and thus contributing to the economical and financial upswing,” said Mr. Abdul Rahman Falaknaz, Chairman of International Expo Consultants (IEC), the organizers of the show. “There is no better place for industry professionals to inform themselves, network, create new ideas and opportunities than at SGI Dubai show. This is one of the reasons so many exhibitors have already signed up for their participation at SGI Dubai 2016,” he added.

Further exhibitor statements:
We are delighted to be a part of the SGI Dubai fraternity with a good show stand displaying our portfolio. In 2014 we started out with a small stand but we were quite successful as the response from the crowd was tremendous. This year we embarked on a strong note by displaying several new products like LED screens and the Magic Ball in an area of 192 sq. mt. This year has been a good year for us in terms or marketing and sales as compared to the previous years. We have realised the worth of SGI Dubai and will be pleased to associate ourselves with IEC for the coming years to make a statement.” Rabih Al Massoud, Head of Sales, FB Advertising.

“This is our first time experience at SGI Dubai 2015 and we are certainly quite pleased with the outcomes in terms of business enquiries and creating a rapport with customers. We are a UK based company and have provided our services in the GCC countries. We have solutions to put up a climate controlled tent within a short period of time which can help in doing events outdoors in different ways. This certainly is the biggest exhibition for the Sign and Graphics industry in the Middle East. This event is growing year over year and we have noticed that many big names are participating at the SGI Dubai show,” said Howard Letch, COO, Dryspace Dubai

“We are very pleased to be at SGI Dubai 2015 every year with a good stand displaying our portfolio. This year we are showcasing a variety of products at SGI Dubai 2015. This is a great platform to introduce our new product range to new and existing customers,” said Yasin Merchant, Managing Director, Signtrade.

“For our company SGI Dubai 2015 has been beneficial and we have been exhibiting for 7 years now. We find SGI Dubai 2015 be a good ground to meet with our potential customers and current clients to take relationships further. This is a great platform to announce a new product range to new and existing customers. We are showcasing innovative products at SGI Dubai 2015. Usually we used to get customers from the Gulf region and North African and African countries and Europe but recently we have seen customers from Saudi and other GCC regions,” said Walid Abdulmoti, Marketing Manager, Epson.

“Our company specializes in supplying all the machines related to sign and graphics technologies for the advertising business. DIGIMatrix brand is making its 6th appearance in a row at this 2015th edition of SGI. We are proud to be the Gold sponsor of the show. This year we had a good response and impact in the market due to the new machine and new technologies that we brought to the show. We are pleased to bring a spectrum of state-of-the products to the SGI Dubai 2015 show. SGI in all senses has been beneficial and [resourceful in all aspects for the growth of our organization in this market,” said Gautam Ahuja, Business Development Manager, DIGIRobotics.

“We have been participating at the show since the beginning of SGI. We have brought in a good deal of digital signage products which have gathered lot of interest and enquiries. This year we had good response and impact in the market due to the new machines and new technologies that we got at the show. SGI Dubai 2015 has been perfect so far as we look forward to the show in the coming years,” said Javeed Khall, General Manager, Masonlite.

“It’s been 10 years since we started the journey together with SGI Dubai and there has been no looking back. In terms of fostering strong relationships with prospective and existing customers, this show has given us a good base. SGI Dubai is definitely a very important show in the Middle East region and the 2015th edition has been very successful. We have launched new products which have generated a good deal of enquiries. This exhibition definitely is a good platform to grow our business,” said Anand Joseph, General Manager, Blue Rhine.

“We have been participating in SGI right since the inception. We have ushered in new technology to develop the SME sector across the region. We have had a good response from the visitors at SGI Dubai 2105. Middle East is a definitely a very good market and we wish to expand more and more in the future. We will continue to attend this show in the future as well,” said Karthik M, Sales Manager, Roland Emirates Graphics.

“We have been partaking in the largest signage exhibition in the Middle East since 17 years. We have displayed new products which have caught the attention of many visitors. The response has been good and we have signed some good deals during this period. We have a very encouraging feedback for the show and also hope that it will be an even larger show in the coming years,” said Varghese Mathew, Deputy General Manager, Graphic International Centre LLC.

“Our company been participating in SGI Dubai since inception and have walked the journey clinching better deals every year. We have launched an array of new technology-based products including textile systems which is a fad in the market now. We see UAE and Dubai as an ever-growing market that needs to be tapped to its fullest potential. SGI Dubai 2015 has been a wonderful event for us and we hope to be back next year too,” said Abdallah Ghalayini, Managing Director, Saga Digital.

“We have been participating in SGI Dubai since 2002 and have been quite pleased with the outcomes in terms of sales and establish our brand in the market. SGI Dubai has aided us by advertising the event well. This has helped us in getting many prospective customer interests. The crowd response has been overwhelming as we met people who are quite interested in the line of products that we have launched recently. Overall the experience at SGI Dubai 2015 has been memorable and a pleasant one for us,” said Rifki Hussain, Director Operations, Magic Touch.

“For our company SGI Dubai 2015 has been beneficial and we have been exhibiting for the fourth year now. We have got a good experience dealing with customers and prospective customers who were interested in our vast gamut of products. The products showcased include garment printers and cutting solution apart from other niche solutions which have gathered more enquires form trade visitors more than before. SGI Dubai indeed is a great platform to introduce new product range to new and existing customers,” said Andrew, General Manager, Brother.

SGI Dubai 2016 will take place from January 10-12 2016 at the World Trade Center in Dubai (UAE).

Until SGI Dubai 2016 starts, printers, exhibitors, visitors can keep themselves abreast of new developments, trends, news and all that refers to signage and print by visiting the SGI Resource Center at