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Gulf Bank launches social media competition for marathon ‘My Gulf Bank 642 Story’

Join the competition and win a specialized training program for the marathon #gulfbank642

Today Gulf Bank announced the launch of a social media competition as part of its upcoming marathon. While the marathon event is scheduled to take place on 14 November 2015, the social media competition begins today and is a way to share your health and fitness story and inspire others before the actual marathon.

Entry into the social media competition is open to all, and the entry process is simple. Three winners will be selected from all the entries and will win a specialized marathon training program.

The competition is called “My Gulf Bank 642 Marathon Story” and is a means for participants to engage with one another, inspire others, and win a special personalized marathon training program. To take part in the competition, all you need to do is answer the following question on social media, “Why do you want to participate in the marathon?” and post a picture of yourself at any stage in your fitness journey. You must use the hashtag #gulfbank642 and have a public profile for us to be able to view your entry.

The social media competition will last for approximately two weeks before three winners are selected. Your entry will be judged on the story you share and the photo of your path to fitness and or a healthy lifestyle. The three winners will be selected from among all the entries; one female, one male and a person with special needs. A committee formed of executives from Gulf Bank, Pro-Vision Sport Management, Dasman Diabetes Institute, and Circuit+ will choose the winners based on the story and photo posted. The prize for the winners is a 40-day training and transformation program, which will be monitored and led by professional runners and trainers.

This actual marathon event will be held on Saturday, 14 November 2015, and will be the first full road race marathon in Kuwait. The date of the event also coincides with World Diabetes Day (WDD) in order to raise awareness of the growing problem of diabetes in Kuwait, and how exercise and fitness play a role in combating this health issue.

This year’s marathon will include five different categories of races, in order to appeal to all levels and age groups in Kuwait. The categories include: Family Fun Run for new beginners (5KM); the Special Run for the handicapped (5KM), the Souq Run for regular runners (10KM), the Half Marathon for more advanced runners (21KM); and the Full Marathon (42KM). The route for the marathon race will pass through high traffic areas including Gulf Road, Souq Sharq, Kuwait Towers, and Souq Mubarakia.