Complex Made Simple

How Zoom will reshape video communications and collaboration

Zoom's next areas of growth and innovation align directly with what its customers have told the company they need to grow their businesses

Zoom Events is the company's answer to its customers’ need to create successful virtual and hybrid events Jumpstart is a new app builder that accelerates the creation of apps that leverage Zoom Video SDK capabilities Zoom Apps are built to optimize meeting workflows

By: Sam Tayan, Head of MENA at Zoom

Ten years ago, Zoom was created as a communications platform to cater to the needs of businesses.

We focus on innovation to build our offering at speed and scale – our ability to do so can be seen in the success of our different features and offerings, such as Zoom Phone, which has expanded to over 40 countries and sold over 2 million seats.

Our next areas of growth and innovation align directly with what our customers have told us they need to grow their businesses.

Video Engagement Centre for the Contact Centre Market

There is a clear need to bring video communications and customer engagement together in a meaningful way. This has led us to create VEC (Video Engagement Centre), our cloud-based contact center solution.

This solution connects businesses with their customers by creating engaging experiences that build rapport, trust, and the sharing of expertise in a structured and immersive virtual environment. Launching in early 2022, the Video Engagement Centre will be a flexible, easy-to-use solution.

Zoom plans to maintain its long-standing partnerships with valued contact center partners like Five9, Genesys, NICE inContact, Talkdesk, and Twilio to continue supporting the customers’ contact center of choice.


Zoom Events is our answer to our customers’ need to create successful virtual and hybrid events. Zoom Events Conference is a new event type that will empower hosts to organize multi-track and multi-day events in a sophisticated format, with rich functionality, including event lobby, chat, networking, sponsors, surveys, recordings, and analytics.

Zoom Events Conference will offer hosts and attendees a customizable experience with the ability to provide an engaging and connected virtual event experience.

Developer Platform

A number of enhanced developer solutions and tools are in the works, such as Jumpstart, a new app builder tool, which aims to accelerate the creation of apps that leverage Zoom Video SDK capabilities, the development of a CLI (command line interface) to help developers prototype and stand up a proof of concept, and the highly anticipated addition of React Native to the Zoom Video SDK.

Zoom is also introducing the ability to be soon able to list apps that leverage the Zoom Meeting SDK on the App Marketplace, further enabling distribution and discovery of innovations built using core Zoom functionality.

By the end of the year, Zoom will also be releasing a new video API, Granular Scopes for APIs, an enhanced Meeting SDK for Web, new app developer roles on the App Marketplace, and QSS (quality of service subscription).

 Zoom Apps

Zoom Apps are built to optimize meeting workflows. Later this year, we plan to integrate Zoom Apps throughout the platform, including Zoom Apps for Webinars and Zoom Apps for Mobile and immersive apps, which will enable even more productive and collaborative app experiences.

Unified Communications

Zoom has developed innovations for its core unified communications solution to provide customers with everything they need to support digital and hybrid work environments, including new features such as:

  • Zoom Phone end-to-end encryption and video voicemail.
  • Enhanced whiteboard, an interactive collaboration feature, now with VR functionality through Oculus, allows teams to collaborate as if they were in person.
  • Live translation and transcription to allow seamless collaboration for all.
  • Zoom Rooms smart gallery, a virtual meeting experience tailored to resemble an in-person experience through multiple video feeds from a single conference room to display people more clearly to remote attendees.
  • Interactive maps and authentication for hot-desking, a bridge between virtual and in-person.
  • Zoom Chat features like huddle room and widgets to enable workplace community from anywhere.

Zoom is actively working at growing in the region and making sure it’s participating in the rapid shift towards a more digital future of work.