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Infographic: Here’s how Amazon became what it is today

There is no doubt that Amazon is one of the most recognizable brand names in the whole world.

However, its founder Jeff Bezos had a bit more modest goals in the beginning.

Who would have thought that a simple online bookseller would become the world’s biggest online store?

In just 23 years, Amazon went from a relatively obscure book business to a dominant online retailer, cloud service provider, and much, much more.

Whether you are looking for a new smartphone, dress, or anything else, you will find the best products on Amazon.

Today, Amazon holds 43.5% of USA’s eCommerce market.

They have over 300 million active users and sell over 3 billion products each month.

Furthermore, over 1 million products are added each day to their stores, and they are expected to sell over 12 billion products by 2020.

Their most significant profits come from the USA, followed by Germany, Japan, and England. Even Amazon’s founder broke some records.

He is now the wealthiest man on Earth with a fortune surpassing 100 billion dollars.

Of course, these facts are just a snippet of what you will find in this infographic (courtesy of about all things Amazon. So, read on.

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