Complex Made Simple

Insta8 Oman showcases at Ozone, Omantel stand

Insta8 directly impacts the target audience of Ozone

Social media started with the idea of connecting the youth and while the corporate companies have also jumped into the bandwagon, it continues to be the domain of the young.

More than ever, the youth of Oman have been making the most of the amazing channels, in particular Instagram – a fact that was reiterated by Ozone, Omantel at Comex 2015 where Insta8 presented a series of interesting figures and information.

For those new to Insta8, it is when 8 motivators speak for 8 minutes in 8 moments addressing topics within the instagram sphere. It is an informal gathering where people gather to network, share abilities and skills and most important, to follow and get followed.

The brainchild of Fahmi Al Ma’awali, Owner of Eventus, Insta8 addresses how Instagram can impact the community and be used for business development. But, the most important fact is that Insta8 is an Omani chapter. Fahmi believes, “Instagram is a very effective platform that inspires professionalism in general public. So, if you provide them with a platform, they will come on board as long as it is kept simple.”

A believer in the adage that a picture says more than a thousand words, Fahmi says the aim of Insta8 is to constantly improve oneself.

“The good thing about Insta8 is that it directly impacts the target audience of Ozone, which is the youth segment. There are different speakers today from the field of technology, comedians and positivity speakers who are going to add an element of technology in their presentation,” stated Sahar Khalfan Al Asmi, Acting Manager Applications and Data Services at Ozone, Omantel on 30th April at Comex.

After the opening of Insta8 by Sharifa Al Abri, Marketing team leader ITA, Sultan Al Subhi, an inventor, unveiled his invention that cleans ablution places. Sultan is the only Omani to be featured on MBC4 and was the second winner of the reality TV show ‘Stars of Science’.

“I’ve been on social media and what I like about Insta8 is that it specifies each and every category that is easy to navigate,” he stated.

The Insta8 speakers are chosen from the Instagramers who are active in Oman. Four are nominated by public once the theme is announced and four are chosen by Fahmi himself. This way, each time, eight different speakers get to speak on a topic, which is their forte. However, this year, the theme predominantly has been tech related and what better place than COMEX to talk about what ITA is doing, said Tufool Abdullah Mohamed Al Dhahab, Director of Marketing & Events, ITA who is actively involved with Insta8.

“Two years ago, we started the Instagram page and found it was a more engaging communication channel – visual, powerful and informal and has grown by leaps and bounds since,” she added.

For anyone new to Instagram or wanting to promote their business via this medium, the group is an excellent platform as it reaches out to over 50,000 Instagramers in three hours!

The Insta8 gathering at Ozone, an innovative service by Omantel targeted at Hayyak youth customers, drew a lot of interest at Comex. This was for two reasons – one, the Ozone platform was targeting 18-25 age group with the aim to provide a perfect match for each individual; and second because Insta8 was maximising the benefits of social media, a medium that has struck the right chord with the young generation.

COMEX 2015 has been the right medium for Insta8 as it is Oman’s premier IT, Telecom & Technology expo that puts the spotlight on government portals, business solutions and consumer technology.