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insydo: Dubai’s new digital guide

A new digital manual to all-things Dubai is officially launched

insydo, a digital search guide to different experiences and locations around Dubai, prides itself on providing “honest, impartial” reviews about activities, services and places that can be found around the city.

The website currently lists 2,000 businesses across 650 categories, which it claims to have experienced first-hand, anonymously.

“We visit and test every business we feature so that we can gain an honest insight and give you an independent recommendation,” insydo’s team said in a statement.

“Don’t just expect to read an overview of the business. You’ll get the good, the bad and a few insider tips!” the statement added.

insydo’s listings also include other useful notes such as the dress code for a certain place, the budget of a specific store or restaurant and what the listed businesses is most useful for.

Unlike other similar websites, insydo covers important, but usually neglected, aspects of living in Dubai, such as plumbing services, children’s play areas, expert electricians, home movers, etc.

Save Steve’s Job

The company was founded by Tanaz Dizadji, insydo’s CEO, in 2014. This is when insydo’s team started anonymously reviewing different businesses across Dubai.

The website went live in 2015, but it only started grabbing residents’ attention earlier this month, when a massive marketing campaign, titled “Save Steve’s Job”, was launched across the city.

Steve, who is really Steven Worobec, was introduced as insydo’s “marketing guy”, who took it upon himself to introduce the website to the residents of Dubai.

This marketing approach was a hopeful move to “stand out from the crowd,” as insydo didn’t want to launch with “just another marketing campaign”.

Hence, Steven’s face with the sentence “Save Steve’s Job” was seen on huge billboards and banners popping up in different locations around the city, there was a website named after the campaign, which introduced Steve, explained his challenge and showed the number of people who had searched on insydo, but a target was not shared. This was all happening as Steven and his team continued to actively reach out to members of the media, leading up to the big launch day on Sunday, January 17.

While still in its beginnings, insydo has expansion plans to cover new cities outside of Dubai. Moreover, expect an insydo app for Android and iOS this March.