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Latest controversy: MBC slams Al-Jazeera over Ramadan TV drama “attack”

A fresh controversy has erupted over a Ramadan TV drama as the diplomatic rift between Qatar and its Middle East rivals gathers pace.

Saudi-owned MBC Group has accused Doha-based Al-Jazeera’s Arabic service of attacking its TV series titled Black Crows and putting “the lives of their colleagues at MBC at risk.”

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, Maldives and Libya’s eastern-based government severed their relations with Qatar on Monday, June 5, accusing Doha of meddling in their internal affairs and destabilising the region.

MBC claims the drama depicts the brutal life under Daesh (the so called Islamic State or ISIS) rule in Syria and Iraq, and documents crimes like the sexual assault, enslavement and rape of women.

“What is hard to swallow is why… the Qatari-owned Al-Jazeera, which understands very well the risks of inciting radicals against media practitioners, would want to put the lives of their colleagues at MBC at risk when they are supposed to be with us in the same anti-terrorism camp,” Ali Jaber, MBC’s director of television, was quoted as saying by Jeddah-based English-language daily Arab News.

“They should rise above any politics… Media ethics should never be affected,” Jaber added.

The full version of this article originally appeared on Arab News.


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