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LINE launches Ramadan campaign in Saudi Arabia

Every chat counts towards raising donation for Tarahom

LINE, the world’s leading lifestyle platform, has launched a new Ramadan campaign in Saudi Arabia that will allow LINE users to donate to charity while they chat and stay connected with their friends and family members during the Holy month of Ramadan.

The Ramadan campaign initiated by LINE Saudi Arabia will take place from July 11 – 15, where LINE will donate 50 Saudi Halalas for every unique message sent via its application to Tarahom Jeddah, a Saudi based non-profit organisation that offers help to prisoners and their families during their time of need.

To be part of this campaign, users only have to communicate with their friends and relatives via the free LINE application. A special website, developed for this occasion, will allow them to track the number of messages sent and their contribution to the overall donation.

LINE today has more than 10 million users in Saudi Arabia and is one of the fastest growing social platforms.

“Saudi Arabia was one of the first markets in the Middle East that we looked into as part of our global expansion plans,” said Ik Jae Jeong, Business Development Manager at LINE PLUS Corporation. “Today, in a very short span of time, we are proud to have gained the attention and support of a highly engaged, tech-savvy user base from the Kingdom. The Ramadan campaign is our sincere initiative to work with the local community and contribute to the society’s growth and wellness. The market has been very encouraging and we are keen to reach out to more users through our locally relevant and customised Arabic campaigns for Saudi Arabia.”

LINE offers free text and group chat with up to 200 people. The social app comes with immensely popular interactive features such as Stickers, Timeline and Official Accounts.

Recently, LINE conducted a competition in the Middle East where users were invited to submit self-designed stickers that showcased the region’s culture, language and nuances from their daily lives in a fun and creative manner. The highly successful competition saw more than 1000 entries from talented youth across the region, including Saudi Arabia. The grand prize winner, a 23 year old Saudi teacher, was awarded USD 10,000 and an opportunity to release her design work via the LINE Sticker Shop.

LINE can be enjoyed across multiple platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone and can be accessed on smartphones, tablets and PCs. LINE also provides an entire mobile ecosystem, enabling users to customize their mobile experiences by downloading 74 additional LINE Family apps such as LINE Game, LINE camera, B612 and LINE DECO.

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