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LinkedIn is implementing its first redesign in 5 years, adding Stories and video call features

LinkedIn is implementing its first redesign in 5 years, creating a cleaner and more modern look.

The most prominent among the features added is Stories, akin to Facebook and Instagram Other changes and additions include a proposed Dark Mode, the ability to make video calls from within LinkedIn's messenger, and more Currently, LinkedIn has over 706 million users, an 11% increase from 630 million last June

Just last week, we explored Wikipedia’s work-in-progress redesign, its first in 10 years. It seems that LinkedIn is following suit with its first redesign in 5 years, part of its brand evolution journey which started in 2019. Like Wikipedia’s makeover, LinkedIn’s changes will be implemented gradually over a period of several months. 

Most notably among the changes is the addition of Stories, akin to that of Facebook and Instagram, a feature ‘inspired’ from Snapchat

“No, Stories aren’t new in the industry, but we took the time to understand how this format fits in the professional context that defines everything we do and what happens on LinkedIn,” Ryan Roslansky, CEO of LinkedIn, wrote on the company blog.

LinkedIn will be making Stories available in the US and Canada effective immediately, whereas a global rollout will commence in the coming weeks. The feature was tested in the UAE earlier this year.

The company’s take on Stories. Image: LinkedIn

Other additions and changes include: 

  • A warmer color palette with foundational canvas hues, and blue and green accents to signal action and selection. More rounded shapes and buttons have been added to the user interface for a supposedly softer, friendlier experience.
  • LinkedIn is cutting on its standard blue color, “[allowing] us to save the blue color to be a clear affordance to take action, making it clearer how to navigate and use the app.” The new design optimizes for space, size, and typographic structure.
  • The look and feel of the platform has been streamlined adding more whitespace, and reducing divider lines and decorative icons. 
  • The redesign makes LinkedIn more accessible with layout decisions and elements that allow for text scaling, bigger touch targets, and emphasize contrast for readability. New illustrations were also developed to capture a wide range of different professional fields and industries beyond tech, and represent people with different abilities and ethnic backgrounds.
  • With a 25% increase in messages sent on the platform since last year, video calls can now be started directly in a message thread using Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans by Verizon, or Zoom directly from LinkedIn messages.
  • A blended search experience has also been introduced to make it easier and faster to find everything available on LinkedIn. This will facilitate searches and yield organized results with jobs, people, courses, groups, events and content in one result. LinkedIn has also added keyword filters for people (previously available only on web) to the mobile app, as well as filters for company by location, industry and company size to all platforms. Personalized insights to the search results have also been added to spot more relevant results faster. 
  • Dark mode, which will be implemented soon.

New and improved search. Image: LinkedIn

Earlier this year, LinkedIn launched a feature called “Open to Work,” a simple LinkedIn profile photo frame that highlights you as an individual looking for new opportunities. Nearly 2.5 million members have adopted the frame. Early results show members with the Open to Work photo frame are receiving 40% more Inmails from recruiters and 20% more messages from the LinkedIn community.

Currently, LinkedIn has over 706 million users, an 11% increase from 630 million last June. The platform has been really successful over the years, eventually being acquired by Microsoft in 2016. According to Melissa Selcher, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at LinkedIn, “[brand equity database] BrandZ named LinkedIn as one of the top 10 fastest growing brands in the US [in 2019], growing over 41% in one year, adding over $6 billion in value.”

The platform only saw increased engagement during COVID-19, given that most people were locked at home and many were now out of jobs. LinkedIn has so far seen a 50% increase in people sharing content, and more than 1 million hours of learning consumed every week.