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Marketing To Women returns to bust stereotypes about Arab women

‘What do women want?’ – A close-up look at the Middle East

Brands operating in the region have the opportunity to better understand how to reach their female audience this week as Marketing To Women Conference returns for its eighth edition.

The one-day conference, set to be held on Monday (February 8), is dedicated to aiding brands and marketers better understand and reach their female audience.

While this may sound generic, the conference’s organisers and delegates recognise that this is quite a pressing matter that is well worth the dive.

“There are Arab women who are paving the way for women in traditionally male-dominated bastions in business and politics. However, marketers still play it safe and focus on the woman ‘home-maker’ persona in their communications,” Christina Ioannidis, the chair of Marketing To Women conference, tells AMEinfo.

Ioannidis, who returns to chair the conference for the second consecutive year, noted that Arab women are changing their personas and behaviours, and are diversifying their roles at a fast pace, with this change permeating through even the most seemingly closed societies, such as Saudi Arabia.

“They are juggling many roles, being the CEO and the Chief Purchasing Officer of the home, the CEO of their business, as well as the traditional role of motherhood,” she said.

 The science: explained

Marketing To Women is partnering with American global analytics and measurements company, Nielsen, which has conducted a research focused on the behaviours and preferences of women in the region.

Insights from Nielsen’s report will be shared publicly, for the first time, during the Marketing To Women conference and the entire report will be released by the beginning of March.

Some of the main topics lined up for discussion on the day of the conference will focus on the experience of 21st century women in the GCC, a close up on women’s behaviours and personas in Saudi Arabia, a look at the digital sphere and how brands can reach their female audiences there and understanding the spending habits of women, among others.