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MBRF concludes final phase of workshop on novel writing in Dubai

Noted novelist Najwa Barakat leads workshop organised under Dubai International Programme for Writing.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation (MBRF), under its Dubai International Programme for Writing, concluded the week-long third and final phase of a workshop on novel writing led by Lebanese novelist Najwa Barakat, who imparted on the occasion extensive training on novel writing skills to seven Emirati writers.

The workshop enabled the young writers to gain critical creative insights while working on their own novels, and contribute to enrich the local and international cultural arena.

In the last phase of the workshop, Barakat evaluated the two-thirds of the novels completed by the participants since late last year and in the earlier stages of the workshop.

The participants started work on the final part of the novel, and discussed the development of the plots towards their conclusion. During this phase, Barakat also helped the writers identify solutions to the challenges they faced by looking at their strengths and weaknesses.

Commenting on the conclusion of the workshop, His Excellency Jamal Bin Huwaireb, Managing Director of MBRF, said: “The Foundation is proud to have conducted this workshop which has enhanced its role in the UAE’s cultural scene. The workshop provided an opportunity to highlight the talents of young Emirati writers in the field of novel writing. It also provided them vital scientific and practical support from the best experts in the field to help refine their talents in various literary skills.”

The participants in the workshop expressed satisfaction at having attended the workshop, stating that it enabled them to enhance their writing abilities, equipping them with the capacity to create future literary works capable of attracting readers from all ages.

Writer Aisha Msabah Alajel said the novel workshop helped her significantly in her first writing experience in the field of novel writing, enabling her to sharpen her time management skills as all the participants were committed to the delivery schedules based on a timetable. Aisha said the workshop also provided her the opportunity to engage closely with people and touch upon real experiences and concerns of people. She stressed that the innovative elements of the workshop have enriched her mind and given her the ability to develop ideas, and benefit from the experiences of others.

Speaking about her novel writing experience, writer Iman Al Yousif said the workshop led by Najwa Barakat represented a major leap in her literary career, which helped her develop the skills of character development. It also cleared her doubts related to novel writing, she said, adding that she has been inspired by characters from real life to create the subjects of her novel.
As part of the workshop, the participants were also able to learn about the printing and publishing process apart from getting the opportunity to work with editors and designers on their books.

The Writing Category within the Dubai International Programme for Writing includes specialised training programmes in all areas of creative writing, including fiction, poetry, history, science, research studies and so on. After the completion of the required training courses, MBRF will publish the works of the candidates in cooperation with reliable publishing houses inside and outside the UAE.