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MBRF launches third and final phase of creative workshop on novel writing in Dubai

Workshop led by novelist Najawa Barakat to be attended by seven Emirati talents.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation (MBRF) has launched the third and final phase of a training workshop on novel writing under its Dubai International Programme for Writing.

Organised under the supervision of novelist Najawa Barakat, the workshop will be attended by seven Emirati talents.

The second phase of the creative workshop concluded in February during which the participants re-evaluated one-third of the work they had completed. Participants were also asked to start work on the two-third of their novels to ensure appropriate evaluation of characters, writing quality and language, as well as to ensure the correct development of the novels’ plots.

Commenting on the launch of the final phase of the workshop, His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb, Managing Director of MBRF, said: “Now that the workshop on novel writing is in its concluding phase, we are close to identifying the products and creativity levels of a distinguishing group of young Emirati writers in this field. The workshop will certainly give greater momentum to the literary scene in the country and contribute to enhanced creativity of young people, thereby offering readers a much richer literary experience.

On this occasion, novelist Najwa Barakat said:“The third phase of the workshop will evaluate the two-third of the novels completed by the participants,and carry out revisions as required. Work will also begin on the last part of the novels during which we will discuss the development of the plots towards their conclusion. The phase will also see the completion of the first two-thirds of the novels.

During the workshop we will look at the strengths and weaknesses of each participant and find solutions to the challenges they might be facing.”

Barakat stressed that all participants are committed to the delivery schedules according to internal timetable agreed upon for the third and final phase of the workshop. The topics for the novels are fully Emirati, related to daily life experiences in the UAE, Barakat added.

According to Barakat, the participants in the workshop will also get to learn about the printing and publishing process apart from getting the opportunity to work with the editors and designers on their books, Barakat explained.

The DIPW programme is aimed at encouraging and empowering young talented writers from around the world who have displayed a flair for writing in various fields such as science, research, literature, fiction and poetry. At present, the programme includes two categories: Writing and Writers Exchange. The novel workshop comes under the Writing category.

A panel of experts in the areas of writing and publishing assess the writing samples submitted by the youngsters, interested in joining the programme, according to specific criteria based on talent and language skills. Talented writers who pass the evaluation stage join specialised training programmes in areas of writing such as fiction, poetry, history, science, research studies and so on. After the completion of the required training courses, MBRF will publish the works of the candidates in cooperation with reliable publishing houses inside and outside the UAE.