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Nissan teams up with Etisalat

Develop the UAE’s Connected Car ecosystem; launches Region’s First Nissan ‘SmartCar’ application

Industry leaders Etisalat and Nissan have teamed up for the region’s first connected car deployment, which is the coming together of communications and auto technologies, information systems and safety devices for increased levels of sophistication and automation in vehicles.

Through a designed ‘Nissan SmartCar’ mobile app, headed by the Japanese automaker, and powered by Etisalat’s network and M2M Control Center platform, the all-new Nissan Maxima 2016 and the Nissan Patrol MY16 will provide customers with convenience, control and security. It will allow drivers to remotely lock or unlock their vehicles, control cooling and even instantly message the owner if the car is involved in a collision.

This global launch of the ’Nissan SmartCar’ mobile application during Dubai International Motor Show 2015 in Dubai has marked the beginning of the connected-car ecosystem in the Middle East.

The global connected car market will be worth €39 billion in 2018, according to forecasts from research firm SBD and the GSMA. Over the next few years, there will be an increase in the number of new cars equipped with fitted mobile connectivity designed to meet regulatory and consumer demand for safety and security features, as well as infotainment and navigation services.

An agreement signed today between Etisalat and Nissan Middle East will have the giants work closely together to deliver scalable, secure, interoperable and intuitive connected experiences to customers. Under the terms of the deal, Nissan Middle East and Etisalat will jointly pursue opportunities to develop connected car technologies and applications to enhance the connected car ecosystem in the UAE and the region.

Nissan’s Managing Director for Middle East, Samir Cherfan said, “Our new ‘Nissan SmartCar’ application, which we are launching in partnership with Etisalat, re-iterates to our tech-savvy customers that Nissan is the true leader of ‘Innovation that Excites’.

“The ‘Nissan SmartCar’ application will help our customers stay better connected with their vehicles, offering a variety of control tools that will make driving more convenient and safer. Dubai International Motor Show, as a globally significant motoring exhibition, makes the perfect regional platform for the launch of this app, given its wide appeal to those that wish to be informed about the latest automotive trends and innovations. ”, Cherfan added.

Salvador Anglada, Chief Business Officer at Etisalat, said, “We are extremely excited and proud with the result of our cooperation with Nissan Middle East in developing the region’s first connected car which will be available in the All New Nissan Maxima 2016 as well as the Nissan Patrol MY16. Keeping with the evolution of the IoT era, it underpins Etisalat’s commitment to support the nation’s long-term strategy in promoting digitisation initiatives and developing the connected ecosystem of the UAE, including transportation. Through planned investments in our advanced M2M and IoT platforms, Etisalat is well-positioned to help the transportation industry realise their M2M strategies.”

The ‘Nissan SmartCar’ application will help communities stay connected and offer greater levels of control using its innovative technology. After downloading the application on any Android or IOS smartphone, users will gain remote control of locks, the horn, headlights, the windows and perhaps most importantly in this region, the vehicle’s air conditioning – allowing Nissan customers the ability to cool down the car in advance of their drive. Among other features, as the application is compatible with GPS, GLONASS, and GSM M2M Technology, users can easily locate their vehicle with a simple touch of a button – an ideal theft deterrent and security feature.

In order for the innovative application to work, Nissan will pre-install a small device within the car, which will be connected via an Etisalat M2M SIM card. Nissan partnership with Etisalat on this strategic project ensures the smart application will run successfully on any smartphone, operating system or service network.