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Nokia offers a look at the future of television

Nokia unveiled today a glimpse of the future of entertainment with the release of its “From Television to Any Vision” report.

It forecasts how entertainment content will be discovered, accessed and enjoyed, resulting in a dramatically different consumer experience by 2025.

Target audience

Any Vision” is targeted at the broader television industry, outlining the foundation needed for creating an immersive, dynamic and highly personalized consumer entertainment experience.

“Mainstream consumers are demanding ubiquitous access to content they care about across a range of screens and display devices – whether at home or on the go. …we believe television as we know it today will be unrecognizable by 2025,” said Paul Larbey, head of Nokia’s IP Video business.

“The challenge for operators is helping it all evolve in a coherent and connected fashion that maximizes the power of the technologies driving innovation.”

Means to an end

A pathway to new offerings involves moving the functionalities that control the delivery and curation of content from the home and proprietary devices into the cloud.

The Nokia Virtualized User Experience platform (UXP), also launched today as part of Nokia’s Velocix portfolio of IP Video innovation solutions, enables operators to build and render a consistent and personalized consumer experience based on location, device type, moment in time and a host of other data points and factors.

The Any Vision concept is built around the proposition that any show from anyone can be enjoyed on any surface at any time. A smartphone or tablet will serve as the anchor device, while aggregation of broadcast and IP-delivered content via advanced algorithms will recommend programming based on personal interest, social media engagement, daily schedule and other criteria.