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Over million followers for Akhbar Al Aan’s Twitter page

Alkhbar Al Aan’s facebook page has reached 8 million fans.

Akhbar Al Aan has reached million followers on Twitter, attracting users from all over the Arab world with latest updates on political issues, economy, humanitarian and cultural activities.

Not to forget Al Aan TV reporter Jenan Mousa who makes buzz with her tweets from hot spots in Syria and conflicts zones, updating followers and responding to their inquiries about current happenings.

On the other hand, Alkhbar Al Aan’s facebook page has reached 8 million fans, while Al Aan’s YouTube channel stands at around 442M video views, with 572M minutes watched.

In order to maximize its presence on social media platform, Al Aan TV also launched a variety of online shows such as “Kalamannas” presented by Leen Abu Shaar, and the purpose of this show is to create a better interaction on Kalamannas app, the first App of its kind targeting Arab users, In addition to “7ana Alaan” a show that contains many segments, such as Language police.