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Qatar to host the Global PR Trends Summit

After the phenomenal success in 12 different European countries, the Global PR Trends Summit, one of the world’s most innovative PR events is finally coming to the Middle East.

Taking place from 1-2 June at the W Hotel in Doha, the Global PR Trends Summit includes two days of interactive presentations by some of the world’s most respected PR experts, including a keynote presentation by Greg Nugent, Marketing Director at the London Olympic Games and Mary Jo Jacobi, the Iron Lady of PR and a former VP Communications at British Petroleum during the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

“The PR Trends Summit is one of the world’s fastest growing PR events. Over 4000 PR professionals have attended the event in the past two years in Croatia, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russia. For our Middle Eastern edition we have assembled a speaker panel whose work is changing the global PR world and I am confident that our delegates will really enjoy hearing more about some of the most inspiring PR stories in today’s PR world,” says Kosta Petrov, Event Director for the Global PR Trends Summit.

Qatar’s first international PR event kicks off with a session on engaging your audience by Greg Nugent from the London Olympic Games. During the two day event, regional PR professionals will also be able to hear presentations on reputation management by PR Directors from Siemens and Pfizer. The Global PR Trends Summit also includes two in depth sessions on the latest PR measurement tools by Andre Manning from Philips and Thierry Nicolet from Schneider Electric. Social media in PR and social media measurement will be covered by Robin Hamman from Fleishman Hilliard and Wendy Gold from GE Power Conversion.

The Global PR Trends Summit is organized by P World, one of the world’s leading event agencies and is supported by MEPRA.