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Ramadan campaigns 2018 reviewed: Hit or Miss? – Part 4

In parts 1, 2 and 3 of our article series, we explored consumer behavior and opinions of Ramadan ad campaigns, as well as 11 campaigns released during the holy month.

Now, we will look at the final 4 and assess how successful they were.

12. KIRI

Kiri’s Ramadan campaign saw a series of videos that not only focused on the content and creative, but also its distribution. We spoke to the agency behind it, Publicis Media’s Zenith to find out more:

Challenge: Ramadan witnesses an extreme change in media consumption habit driven by an increase in TV viewership of 25 to 30 percent. F&B brands are only getting more aggressive resulting in a very cluttered space. With over 2,000 brands advertising on TV and thousands more in promotion-filled supermarkets, it’s harder to build awareness and attract a mum’s attention, without a notable spend. Bigger players spend millions of dollars on TV and smaller ones try to break through the clutter with tear-dropping emotional communication, CSR campaigns and dominate the second most influential touchpoint ‘digital’. Our challenge was to defend our territory during these times and build an even more, deeper connection with our audiences, which was definitely not an easy task given the thousands of messages that are bombarding the mum daily.

The idea: During Ramadan, a mum puts herself under high pressure to master the iftar and be the best host throughout the celebrations. She wants to do her best because the expectations from her family and peers are very high. So, just before Ramadan, when the stocking up for F&B products takes place, we used five mommy influencers to released fifteen short Buzzfeed-style videos of their favorite Ramadan recipe, which they cooked and shared on their social channels along with KIRI.

We divided the recipe videos into three main categories: Vegetarian, Meat and Dessert.

Execution: We targeted mothers across all digital channels including search, social, display, video and mobile using programmatic technology. We then used SIGNAL PLANNING, a proprietary planning methodology by Zenith ROI group to ‘de-clutter’ our communication and target vegetarians with vegetarian recipes, mean lovers with meat recipes and people with a sweet tooth with dessert recipes in a platform agnostic approach. This approach helps create every single ad with customized text and ensures it is contextually targeting a mother based on her historical preference across all digital platforms to maximize relevance, engagement and ultimately fondness for KIRI. As a result, each mother was looking at cooking tips for items she was interested in.

Results: The campaign resulted in an 89% higher view rate and 77% higher completion rate on Facebook and Instagram; 45% higher view rate and 50% higher completion rate on YouTube; and a 96% higher CTR and 58% higher completion rate on display and search.

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“Ramadan is a month of personal reflection, inner peace and sadaqah (charity), a balance of well spent time with the family and the community. However, over the years, traditions and lifestyles have changed along with the way Ramadan is celebrated. It is, thus, imperative that parents sow the seeds of Ramadan values and encourage children to practice the same at an early age, leading by example and educating children on the cause and effect of their actions,” says a spokesperson from the MAF’s agency, Publicis Media. Enter “Dabdoub’s Good Deeds Club”.

The idea is to engage children in the charity-giving aspect of Ramadan and encourage generosity by showcasing a direct reward as a result of this act.

“Dabdoub’s Good Deeds Club” was brought to life through mall activations inviting parents and children to collect their very own Dabdoub (Teddy Bear) after donating and completing Dabdoub’s chain of goodness.

The media campaign for this activation had a two-fold approach:

With the objective of campaign awareness reach was driven through a mix of traditional and display media options like Outdoor across the UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon and Egypt, followed by Radio, Display and Social.

Display included top reaching platforms like YouTube pre-rolls and two mastheads, Shahid and Anghami.

While TV viewership increases from 3.1 in other months to 5 hours in Ramadan, so do the prices for TV spots. User behavior, however, shows that users are on multiple devices at a time. And so, instead of directly spending on TV, the agency synced its content with top Ramadan shows and content only. The brand did sponsor Qomra on Shahid in addition to measuring and monitoring the ad recall of the campaign as an additional measurement metric on YouTube.

Majid Al Futtaim also set up a special crafts corner at the City Centres in the Northern Emirates where kids could decorate iftar boxes that would be distributed to the less fortunate by Emirates Red Crescent.

“Ramadan is the best time of the year to teach children moral values and empathy. Children can explore their artistic side with our unique craft sessions where they will get to personalize iftar boxes. At the same time parents can take this opportunity to start a conversation on the importance of sharing and charity. The initiative also demonstrates our commitment towards communities across the Emirates by giving something back and creating great moments for everyone, every day. We are certain this will bring a smile to the faces of those less fortunate,” says Mohammed Al Rais, senior mall manager – Northern Emirates Malls, in a statement.

14. BMW

Using the age-old tradition of Ramadan ‘Fawazeers’ (riddles), Grey Dubai launched #BMWinstahunt for Abu Dhabi Motors. The campaign asks users to crack clues and find cars hidden on Instagram.

The answer to each clue is a hashtag of a BMW car model. Users have to search the correct hashtag and find the winning post amongst thousands of others for their chance to win a spot at the next highly anticipated track event.

The campaign is running until just after Ramadan, with a new clue and winner every week.

Although the ad isn’t based on a strong Ramadan insight, it is worth noting that BMW ranks the highest in Sapience’s rating for believability.

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To mark the beginning of the Holy Month and the spirit of giving, McDonald’s UAE launched its Ramadan Books campaign in partnership with Emirates Red Crescent.

From May 16 until June 11, four Ramadan books, priced at AED 5 each, were sold at McDonald’s UAE restaurants. Written exclusively for McDonald’s UAE, the children’s books delivered a positive message about the importance of education, cleanliness, and charity. All monetary proceeds generated from the book sale were invested in Emirates Red Crescent programs specific to local communities and children in the UAE.

(This article originally appeared on our sister site Communicate)

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