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Screening of Dubai 48-hour Film Project Top Ten Films @ MoE12 – DEC. 14

Filmmaking fanatics from all over the United Arab Emirates successfully took part in the oldest and largest timed film competition in the world from November 13th-15th, 2014.

The Dubai 48 Hour Film Project in collaboration with Nikon saw 42 teams come together to operate on minimal sleep with high adrenaline levels to take on this year’s filmmaking challenge.

A total of 39 short films, all produced in 48 hours were completed, (of which, 7 were late, and 32 were “on-time” submissions). The time has come to showcase the top 10 films and unravel this year’s winners.

Winners will be awarded various prizes including International Awards (valued at 5,000 USD), and a chance for their film to be screened at the Cannes Short Film Corner in 2015. The winning film in Dubai will be submitted to the Hollywood Filmpalooza Festival, the 48 Hour Film Project’s annual international film festival to compete with 136 winners from around the world vying for the worlds best film. The top three teams in Dubai will also be going home with D610, D5300 and D3300 DSLR cameras from Nikon respectively.,

“The 48 hour filming competition has grown into one of the world’s largest filming competitions and is a real celebration of creativity and talent. The competition provides an ideal platform for the recognition of young, passionate filmmakers, as well as the discovery of new talent, and has showcased the best Dubai has to offer in terms of production and creativity,” said Jamal Al Sharif, Chairman of Dubai Film and TV Commission