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Sharjah Media Corporation unveils line-up of Ramadan programmes

Sharjah Media Corporation unveiled details of its line-up of programmes for the Holy Month of Ramadan on its various channels, including Sharjah TV, Sharqiya from Kalba, and Sharjah Radio. The line-up covers many Ramadan related aspects and serves to cement the Emirate’s position as Islamic Cultural Capital for 2014.

The announcement was made during a press conference held by the SMC at Al Qasba Theatre in Sharjah, in the presence of Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of Sharjah Media Corporation, Dr Khalid Omar Al Midfa, Director General of SMC, Mohammed Khalaf, Manager of Sharjah TV & Radio, Salem Ali Alghaithi, Sharjah TV’s Programs Manage, Fagr Kassim Ali, Programme Manager of Sharqiya from Kalba, Abeer Salim Alshawi, Sharjah Radio Programs Manager, and a number of the corporation’s officials and employees.

Attendees viewed a film screened by SMC about the various programmes scheduled on its channels during Ramadan. The film showed the corporation’s eagerness to deliver meaningful media content, as all programmes were carefully studied to cater to the needs of intelligentsia, families and children, with a special focus on enhancing public awareness on the significance of the Holy Month and promote the prevailing values, traditions, and customs in the UAE community. The SMC’s officials answered the press’ questions about the programmes during the press conference.

Speaking on the occasion, Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of Sharjah Media Corporation, said: “We are delighted to launch the programmes of the corporation’s channels in this time of celebration of Sharjah as Islamic Culture Capital. No doubt, the Ramadan programmes will convey messages that boost the role of SMC in delivering outstanding media content that supports viewers’ culture and their ambition to have a modern cultural, educational, and entertaining experience.”

HE Dr Khalid Omar Al Midfa, Director General of Sharjah Media Corporation, said: “The SMC is determined to deliver exceptional Ramadan programmes. The selection was made by highly experienced professionals from different channels, who used exerted great efforts in choosing the programmes that meet the public interest and adhere to community culture and traditions. We expect our programmes will be excellent and competitive and will be in line with the corporation’s cultural and awareness role in Sharjah and the UAE.”

Sharjah TV programmes during Ramadan includes ‘Prophet Led Battles’ which will present in episodes the most famous prophet led battles and the most important lessons learnt from these battles, ‘Clem Allah’ (the Prophet who Talks to Allah) which narrates the story of the Prophet Moses (PBUH) with the Children of Israel, the animated drama ‘Wonders of Stories in Quran’, ‘The Most Magnificent Mosques in the World’ – a cultural and religious programme that highlights the splendour of Islamic architecture, Arabic serial ‘Dahsha’, ‘History Radio”, a programme that documents Islamic history in the form of news report presented in a dramatic format, and ‘Ingredients’, a programme that presents culinary skills in the open air with Chef Majid Al Sabagh and a guest from the selected area of the emirate of Sharjah.

Other programmes on Sharjah TV are ‘Say this is my Way’ with Dr Khalid Al Muslah, ‘Fatawa’ with Dr Aziz bin Farhan Al Enzi, the daily ‘Spirituality of Faster’ prepared and presented by Sheikh Dr Ibrahim Dawish, and ‘Iftar Canon’, a religious programme broadcast live during the holy month of Ramadan. The line-up further includes ‘Guided by Quran’, a ‘Star in Sharjah’ which will be presented by Emirati artist Marwan Abdullah Saleh, “Healthy Heart”, ‘It is a Prophecy’, ‘Accolades’, the Syrian serial ‘Bab Al Hara’, and the GCC series ‘Thouraiya’, starring Soaad Abdullah

Sharqiya from Kalba will present ‘I Prayed here’, which will highlight mosque building and care in the UAE, ‘They Recite Quran’, a series of clips each one presenting a child reciting verses of the Holy Quran that will be broadcast before Al Maghrib prayer every day, ‘Dinning’ (Hana wa Affia) by Chef Sahir Hajar, ‘Your Health in Ramadan’, which offers medical tips to viewers, ‘Guidance from the Quran’ (Huda Al Quran) which presents stories about the blessing and guidance of the verses of Quran by preachers Saeed Salim Saeed and Jassim Mohammed Mubarak, and ‘Ramadan Breezes’ programme.

Sharqiya from Kalba will also present the ‘Knights’ programme, the series ‘Al Ghirbal’ and ‘Ibn Halal’, and the programme ‘Story of a Verse’, in addition to ‘Muslim Scientists’ which presents the major achievements of prominent Muslim scientists in simplified and exciting style.

Sharjah Radio will present ‘Khitma Ramadaniya’, prepared by Sheikh reciter Sherzad Abdul Rahman, ‘Strong Wind’ (Reeh Mursalah) prepared and presented by Abdullah Al Hammadi and is designed to support charity projects, ‘Daily Quiz’ titled Ala Kad Elmak (according to your knowledge) – a program prepared and presented by Abdullah Al Hosani presenting daily competitions among Sharjah Government’s employees that creates an atmosphere of fun and entertainment, and ‘Stay with Us’ (Khalkum Wayana) a program prepared and presented by Naji Khamis and a group of guests, will discuss many topics with a touch of wit and fun. Sharjah Radio will further broadcast its well known programmes ‘Direct Line’ (Al Khat Al Mubashar) and Al Atheer.

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