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StackAdapt, AdZouk partner to bring programmatic native advertising to Middle East

AdZouk’s native advertising offering is available across MENA countries

AdZouk, one of the leading advertising networks in the region and StackAdapt, one of the pioneers in programmatic native advertising technology, announced their official partnership to exclusively distribute native advertising technology across the MENA region.

The new partnership will allow advertisers to tap into the native advertising ecosystem to buy premium placements with the efficiencies of real-time bidding. Native advertising units appear in-stream and open up creative possibilities for branded article and video content distribution.

“Some of the largest publishers and agencies work with AdZouk, so we approached them for their knowledge and expertise in the region. Over the last 12 months we have worked with AdZouk on dozens of campaigns, and seeing the success we were able to achieve together, we are now ready to make our work public. We are very excited about this partnership as it opens lots of doors for us to further deepen the adoption of native advertising globally,” said Vitaly Pecherskiy, COO of StackAdapt.

As global brands shift away from interruptive ways to reach consumers to involvement types of advertisements and content marketing, native advertising emerges as a default channel for content amplification.

Now that data-driven, real-time ad delivery dominates the buying of banner advertising, premium brand-centric channels such as native advertising are starting to adopt it as well.

“More and more brand advertisers opt in for highly engaging content strategies. Our ability to deliver this content to their audience in a hyper-targeted manner is a powerful addition to our strong core offering,” said Jamie Atherton, Managing Director of AdZouk.

At launch, AdZouk’s native advertising offering is available across MENA countries.