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Star-Studded Panel of Speakers Wow Riyadh at “Staying Agile”

“Staying Agile,” brought together a broad selection of celebrity speakers and attendees to discuss agility and innovation for modern businesses.

Mindshare, which is part of WPP, is a global media agency network helping clients to make collaborative and adaptive decisions across their paid, owned, and earned marketing in real-time.

Mindshare’s most recent media summit, titled “Staying Agile,” brought together a broad selection of celebrity speakers and attendees to discuss agility and innovation for modern businesses.

“Staying Agile” drew in a thrilling array panelists from the fields of football, tech, fashion, brand management, and more. Daniel Sieberg, award-winning reporter and author of “The Digital Diet: A Four-Step Plan to Break your Tech Addiction and Regain Balance in your Life” moderated throughout the day. The event began with a special breakfast, photo session, and autograph-signing with Danish football legend Peter Schmeichel, who kicked off the event with “Planning Ahead to Score Future Goals.” In the panel, Schmeichel shared his experience in creating adaptive strategies that kept his competition in mind, delivered with his signature larger-than-life personality.

The event featured “Discovering the Next Big Thing” by famous shoe designer Patrick Cox, who discussed commercial and creative success in the ever-changing fashion industry. Hamish Taylor, who has been dubbed the “Master Thief” by industry experts for his ability to “steal” ideas from one industry to creatively use them in another, presented “Trains, Planes, and Toilet Cleaners: Lessons in Agility from FMCG and Beyond,” which discussed innovation and leadership challenges in a fun and engaging way. 15 year-old wunderkind Jordan Casey, who has already established two companies and a mobile app, discussed the challenges in keeping up with changing technology in “Staying Relevant in Real Time.”

Mindshare’s own Global Strategy Leader, Mani Sian, wowed the audience with a guide to using the agency’s signature innovation model to create agile strategies that work.

The one-day summit on May 4th was a smashing success with attendees, who asked thought-provoking questions about building agility into their operating framework for their business. Taking place at the luxurious Rafal Ballroom in the BurjRafal Hotel Kempinski in Riyadh, the event attracted a vast array of industry professionals seeking expertise in adopting adaptive business practices to reach unprecedented levels of success.

“Incorporating agility into an operating framework is a requirement for any modern business,” said Mindshare MENA CEO Samir Ayoub. “As our diverse array of esteemed panelists demonstrated, staying adaptive is not only beneficial but necessary in any industry, whether we’re talking about football or fashion. ‘Staying Agile’ provided cutting-edge approaches to building a more adaptive business through a fun and engaging lens.”