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Tamkeen publishes 11th issue of “Discover Life After School” Magazine

As part of its efforts to develop positive attitudes and practices and instill basic work ethics among Bahraini youths to prepare them for the labour market, Tamkeen published the 11th issue of the “Discover Life After School” magazine.

This edition is the latest one of the “Discover Life After School” magazine, which was first introduced in 2011, as part of Tamkeen’s “Discover Life @ Work” Programme. The magazine targets students and youth, with each edition distributed free-of-charge to secondary schools and universities across Bahrain.

The magazine aims to spread awareness about different economic sectors to students and give them insight into the potential opportunities that are available in Bahrain’s labour market. The magazine also gives insight about various career paths with the aim of presenting ideas and concepts for continued development and growth. The magazine discussed different sectors in the kingdom as well as the different challenges that are facing each one of these sectors.

This issue focuses on the media sector in Bahrain, which is one of the continuously growing sectors in the Kingdom and requires specialised skills and dedication. Some of the articles in this issue include the “Mehnaty” feature, which focuses on media, public relations and management consultancy as well as a column highlighting the role of youth societies within the Kingdom. In addition to discussing a number of other different topics that includes graduation projects for university students, volunteers in “Ta’a Al-Shabab” and the Mashroo3i Business Plan Competition.

In this issue, the magazine also presents a competition consisting of two questions related to the topics of the magazine. The participants will be able to answer the questions by looking through the magazine’s articles and answering the questions online at, where the winner of the competition will receive a mini-ipad.

In addition to schools and universities, the magazine is also available through dedicated stands in shopping malls throughout the Kingdom. The magazine can also be accessed electronically by visiting the website