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TBWARAAD named one of the top 10 ‘Bravest and Best Agencies on the planet

TBWA\RAAD Dubai was ranked #8 in the 2018 Contagious Pioneers global ranking. According to the publication, the agency is not only placed 8th worldwide but also leads the Middle East region in the ranking.

The Contagious Pioneers 2018 report is a global ranking of agencies that consistently set the benchmark for creativity, innovation and excellence in marketing.

Contagious provides an intelligence platform, briefings, quarterly magazine, advisory services and live events across the globe to champion brave and innovative creativity across the industry.

While congratulating his team for their sterling work, Reda Raad, CEO of TBWA\RAAD Middle East, said: “A recognition of our consistent creative work from a respected international observer like Contagious is an honor as well as a matter of pride for our people. We are delighted to have been named in first place amongst the many talented agencies in the Middle East region and this will inspire our efforts moving forward. It is confirmation that we are providing our clients with a competitive edge through work that is disruptive and innovative.

“Our region is becoming an increasingly sophisticated market and demands a higher level of creative output from agencies and marketers. I am sure that we will see a lot more exceptional work coming out from the Middle East over the coming years.”

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Contagious editorial director, Alex Jenkins, said: “Contagious has a reputation for setting an exceptionally high bar for creativity and innovation, but those are just table stakes for being featured on I/O. It’s the quality of the strategic thinking behind their campaigns that propelled these agencies into this year’s Pioneers list.”

Paul Kemp-Robertson, co-founder of Contagious, further commented: “Producing work of this caliber is hard enough, but to consistently deliver that quality across multiple clients demonstrates a deeper, systematic ability to produce exceptional marketing. That’s what the Contagious Pioneers list recognises; the best and the bravest agencies on the planet.”

How the Contagious Pioneers ranking is calculated:

Agencies are ranked on the quantity of work they produced that was featured on Contagious I/O during 2017. Individual campaigns are then weighted based on whether they were chosen for their creativity, their strategic excellence, or both. Each agency’s total score is further weighted to take into account the consistency of its output – i.e. the ratio of campaigns created to the number of clients they were created for.

The Contagious Pioneers list is based on an analysis of the Contagious I/O intelligence tool. Only campaigns that demonstrate the highest levels of creativity and strategic thinking are chosen for inclusion on I/O.

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