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The Egyptian Tourist Authority signs protocol with Rotana

The Egyptian Tourist Authority announced the signing of a cooperation protocol with Rotana, the pioneering company in the Arabic music industry, for the aim of organizing musical concerts for the Arab stars, as well as promoting Arabic tourism to various touristic destinations.

The agreement was signed on December 22nd by H.E. Ambassador Nasser Hamdi, Chairman of the Board of the ETA, and Mr. Salem El Hendi, President of Rotana, in the presence of an elite envoy from the Egyptian government that included the Governor of South of Sinai Major General Khaled Fouda, Governor of the Red Sea Major General Ahmad Abdullah, head of the Chamber of Tourism in South Sinai and board member of the ETA Mr. Muhammad Fayez, along with some of the leaders in Rotana, such as Vice President Mr. Firas Khashman, Executive Manager Engineer Sherif Iskandar, in addition to a number of executives in the company and representatives of local and global media, and news agencies.

According to this protocol, Rotana will organize and support a big number of musical concerts in Egypt’s touristic destinations, such as Cairo, Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Aswan and the Northern Coast. The objective of this is to promote those destinations under the campaign titled “2014….The Year of Arabic Tourism”, which coincides with the Gulf holiday season; thus, supporting the touristic travels from the Gulf region to Egypt.

H.E. Ambassador Nasser Hamdi, Chairman of the Board of the ETA, commented on this partnership by highlighting that Egypt, which is already known for its hospitable citizens, always welcomes its visitors with open arms in its various breathtaking touristic destinations, as it gives them the opportunity to enjoy different touristic experiences that Egypt is rich with, as well as a variety of artistic programs, alongside a large number of exciting sports activities, which allows them to spend a great vacation any time of the year.

H.E. also assured that great efforts are exerted by both Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and The Egyptian Tourist Authority in order to provide many leisure activities that aim at pleasing and satisfying the Arab visitors to the Egyptian touristic destinations. He also insisted that this protocol is an important tool that serves the purpose and assists in attracting more Arab tourists to enjoy the touristic attractions in their second country, Egypt.

Mr. Salem El Hendi also highlighted the value of Egypt as the biggest supporter of Arab causes, and the great history that it boasts. He said: “As an Arabic and Gulf company, we are committed to standing side by side with Egypt in order for it to regain its stability, and to become once again a haven for every Arabic citizen, and a supporter of the Arabic causes. We truly hope and pray that Egypt frees itself from all the troubles it is going through to regain its status, if not become even better than it ever was, especially that His Royal Highness Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal was one of the first people to support tourism in Egypt, as he spent part of his 2013 annual vacation in Sharm El Sheikh to affirm that Egypt enjoys security and stability.”