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Revealed: Top 10 most searched queries in UAE, Saudi, and Egypt

Google has gathered the most trending queries on their search engine in each of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE.

The lists had a few things in common, especially between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, where the more traditional songs dominated the top songs list.

Football was also a common theme between Saudi Arabia and Egypt, who both competed in this year’s World Cup.

The UAE saw 4 India-related search queries, proof of the dominance of the Indian expat population in the country. The country also saw a boom in searches for the massively popular online video game Fortnite.

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Saudi Arabia

1. The national address
2. Jadara
3. Hulool
4. Jamal Kashoggi
5. Noon
6. Noor system
7. Iqama expiry
8. Weather in Jeddah
9. Rayat
10. Kalam Asfar TV series


1. High school results in 2018
2. Liverpool
3. Da’am Masr
4. Nisr Al Sa’eed TV series
5. Local election committees
6. Jamal Kashoggi
7. Prayer times
8. Ramadan 2018
9. Industrial school diploma results
10. Teachers First website

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1. World Cup
2. Indian Premier League 2018
3. Sridevi Kapoor
4. Priyanka Chopra
5. Passport Index
6. Fortnite
7. Bitcoin Price
8. Federal Tax Authority
9. Indian currency rate
10. Dubai Frame

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