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Watch your favorite programs on TV and start earning money

Smarty, World’s First and No.1 Interactive TV advertising platform launched its business operation last month in Dubai, UAE.

“Have you ever desired to have your product aired on all channels but held back due to high advertising costs on TV?” asked  Krzysztof Bialas, CEO of Smarty International FZ-LLC.

“Smarty is providing a technological platform for all SMB’s and Corporates to advertise on TV with a fraction of the money they actually spend with broadcasting companies.”

Ad Smart

The story of Smarty goes some years back in Europe when Bialas stumbled upon to the idea of introducing the model of Google kind of advertising on Television.

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After successfully launching the business in Warsaw, Poland, the product was soon found be a huge hit with all advertisers and TV viewers across the European continent.

“The best part of the model is that the TV viewers will also get a share of the revenue by viewing the ads while watching their favorite programs on Television” added Jarek Golawski, Product Director of Smarty International.

Jarek was instrumental in developing the product and building its algorithms along with his IT and Tech team based out of Warsaw.

“When an advertiser comes on board with us we share a part of the earned revenue to our viewers as well.”

Watch ads and make money

The model is pretty simple. To begin with, a viewer has to log on to the website of Smarty International and order a smarty receiver.

The OTT receiver will be installed at viewer’s home by technicians trained by Smarty.

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The viewer can opt to view the ads and other contents through his/her dashboard on the TV itself.

The ad is initially shown as an L banner on TV and upon clicking on it, the ad would would become a full screen display advert.

A viewer can then choose to click on the offers displayed and it would, in turn, take him to his preferred landing pages like a website, social channels, live streaming, or a static page.

“All the viewer needs is to install a Smarty receiver at his home and continue watching his favorite programs” Krzysztof added.

With the gyroscopic remote, viewers can start interacting with the content and ads displayed on their TV screens.

A viewer can decide what kinds of ads they would like to see and ad frequency.

If a viewer prefers not to see any ads while watching his favorite programs he/she could even go to the ‘No Ads’ mode as well.

“It is as simple as switching TV channels by a remote,” said Jarek.

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Good for Advertisers 

Advertisers are the ones who are going to benefit most by using Smarty ad technology platform.

Ann advertiser can choose his preferred area, location, street, demography or geographic as a target market for airing his advertisement.

All of this selection can be done from his own dashboard over his TV or computer.

The advertiser can choose which ad program is best for him such as Cost per view, Cost per click, Cost per sales and so on.

Geolocation and precise targeting are the unique selling points of Smarty.

“The uniqueness of the smarty technology is that the ad will remain on the TV screen even if a viewer changes the channel or not” Krzysztof clarified.