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The enemy of my enemy is my friend: Twitter now allows you to add tweets to Snaps

For the first time ever, Twitter and Snapchat are teaming up on the consumer side of things to offer a cross-platform feature.

Snapchat will now allow tweets to be shared through its snaps In the past, users had to screenshot a tweet and manually share it in a snap like any other picture This feature is available on iOS now, and will soon come to Android

If you’ve been keeping up with social media platforms and their evolution over the years, you’ll know that the pursuit of ubiquity is king for most of these companies. Most notorious for this is Facebook, who wants to integrate itself into all facets of our lives – that’s why it made such a big bet on VR headset-maker Oculus in 2014, $2 billion to be exact. 

Additionally, the social media giant has over the years tried to assume an identity that provides customers with every potential social media innovation and feature under the sun. It usually does this by assimilating rivals and integrating their features into its services and subsidiaries. When it fails to buy them out, it proceeds to mimic and mass-replicate its rivals’ best features – like when Facebook launched Stories, its own take on Snapchat’s Snaps after the latter refused FB’s buyout deal.  

This year, Twitter has been taking a page out of Facebook’s book in both ways. Last month, the company introduced a new feature called Fleets to its platform. Essentially, they are tweets that disappear, or expire, after 24 hours, much like Snaps and Stories. 

As for its own pursuit of ubiquity, Twitter lacks the pull and capital that Facebook does, so it’s instead teaming up with a co-rival: Snapchat. ‘Enemy of my enemy’ and all that. 

This week, Twitter announced that it is partnering with Snapchat to allow the integration of tweets on the latter’s Snaps. In the past, if you wanted to share a tweet on Snapchat, you’d need to take the manual route of screenshotting said tweet and sharing it like any other image, which often meant less-than-perfect resolution and zero interactivity. 

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Image: Twitter

Now, with tweets being integrated into Snaps, users can more organically share them. This will be available on iOS first, with Android functionality to be added soon. 

“Once a Snap is taken, as a photo or video, the tweet sticker can be pinched to move it or resize it, and other Snapchat creative tools can be incorporated at this point, including Bitmojis, Cameos, captions, filters and stickers,” Adweek reported.

According to Variety, “Tweets shared on Snapchat will disappear the same time as the Snap (24 hours if posted in a Story). If a tweet has been deleted on Twitter after it’s shared on Snapchat, Snapchatters will see that the tweet has been deleted when they swipe up.”

Twitter is looking into replicating this functionality in Instagram, allowing users to share tweets through Stories on the app, the company said. It will launch a test of this feature on iOS soon. 

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The process of sharing a tweet to Instagram. Image: Twitter

Here are the step-by-step instructions for how to share a tweet to Snapchat from the Twitter app, as shared by multiple news outlets:

  1. Tap the share icon on the public tweet in Twitter. (Note: A protected tweet cannot be shared.)

  2. Tap the Snapchat icon on the bottom horizontal scroll of icons.

  3. If you’re signed into the Snapchat app on your device and not in the middle of creating a Snap, the Snapchat app will open directly to the Camera and the tweet you want to share will appear on top of the Camera as an immovable sticker. If you want to use a Lens, tap the screen to activate the Lens Carousel.

  4. Once you take your Snap (video or photo), you can pinch to move and resize the tweet sticker. More Snapchat Creative Tools can be used at this point including captions, stickers, Bitmojis, Cameos and Filters.

  5. Tap the blue “Send” button in the bottom right corner to share with individuals or groups or to post to your Story for all your friends to see.

  6. People will be able to see the tweet as a sticker in your Snap and can swipe up to go to Twitter to view the tweet there.