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What content marketing does for you- Excerpted from Silx Digital

Content marketing that works: What are the strategies that will bring results?

SMEs with blogs see 126% more lead growth 95% of B2B buyers view content as trustworthy (70% distrust advertising) Content can be about almost anything, as long as it shows you as a thought leader

By Silx: A digital agency helping boost brand awareness and lead generation, develop content and distribution that fits your goals, and bring results.

Excerpted from Silx ebook: Practical content marketing- A handbook to boost sales 

 84% of your customers expect you to create content.

Try this: Type ‘marketing’ or ‘digital marketing’ or ‘content marketing’ or any other type of marketing into Google.

Top of the organic searches, you’ll get something from HubSpot.


They do content marketing better than almost anyone else.

HubSpot produces 1,000s of articles, eBooks and infographics that get millions of hits – boosting ranking and generating leads.

But content marketing doesn’t replace traditional marketing

It doesn’t replace your digital advertising, SEO, SEM, social, email, etc.

It enhances them.

Think of content marketing as indirect promotion.

 You’re simply giving your audience – your current and future customers – what they want.

Infographic: Successful email-driven content marketing strategies and tactics for today’s SMBs

You can apply content marketing to any business

Imagine you sell tires. You want to encourage your customers to drive more, replacing their tires more regularly. You write a guide about the best places to drive around Europe – eating, sightseeing, and staying the night. And you call it “X brand” Guide. 

The ROI from content is clear Whether you call it a blog or something else, regularly posting high-quality thought leadership articles, infographics, eBooks and videos will net you results.

SMEs with blogs see 126% more lead growth.

61% of online consumers made a purchase after reading a blog.

Infographic: Why content marketing is a must-have for businesses

Content works hard for your company

In 2008, tech company Cisco used content marketing to save $100,000 on a product launch.

Result: x90 times higher ‘attendance’ than their regular launches.

And press articles about the product increased x3 from previous non-content launches.

95% of B2B buyers view content as trustworthy (70% distrust advertising).

Nurture leads: 50% more sales (for 33% less cost) than non-nurtured prospects

Increase website traffic: 434% more search engine indexed pages from websites with blogs.

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How do you create good content and scale in a heartbeat?

Your ‘content people’ are copywriters, journalists, editors, creatives and designers.

The best way is for you to outsource: Outsourcing means a large team that brings fresh, creative thinking to your company – avoiding overly promotional writing that in-house writers can fall into.

With your dedicated outsourced content team, you are ready:

  • To reconsider how content can match your particular product/service.
  • To tackle a customer perception problem with your company or offering.
  • If you have an upcoming event and want to quickly increase output with no drop in quality.
  • To start conversations with existing or new audiences.

Content can be about almost anything, as long as it shows you as a thought leader – and builds trust over time with your audience.

There’s also specific SEO content so your future customers find you fast, and find you first.

Content could be short or long: It could be a 1,000-word article , or an eBook, or an in-depth white paper, or even something purely visual like an infographic. Content publishers that use infographics grow 12 % faster than those that don’t.