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What does social media tell us about real estate in the MENA region?

Social media platforms grew to become the public sphere everyone goes to in order to search, check products, survey, and even get inspired.

Real estate, just like any other industry, is closely related to social media.

Agents, customers, buyers, and renters are all involved and present on different social media platforms to either ask for potential residences or promote flats and villas.

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Are people interested in buying and selling or in renting?

Renting and buying are two different scenarios, with different target audiences, and even different platforms.

A study by CrowdAnalyzer focused on the real estate market in KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Egypt, has come out with some interesting findings.

“Agents who are willing to sell units in Kuwait should not follow the same strategy as an agent aiming to rent out a flat in Dubai,” the findings of the research notes.

Online users in the MENA region showed more interest in buying and selling units rather than renting them.

The majority of online users published content that indicated their will to buy or sell apartments (33.7%) or villas (33.3%).

Slightly more people were interested in selling and buying apartments rather than villas, but the difference isn’t remarkable at all.

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Instagram scores over the rest

More users (53.52%) relied on Instagram to rent apartments than those who were selling or buying units.

Although Twitter (with a share of 43.47%) is a bit more business oriented after adding features that facilitate the utilization of the platform for marketing, CrowdAnalyzer believes that Instagram is getting there.

Online users were generally more interested in selling and buying apartments and villas than renting them.

As 66.8% of the online buzz was about the buying and selling real estate units in the MENA region, it’s safe to say that real estate developers and agents have a lot of work to do regarding their online content and social media marketing strategies.

“It’s quite remarkable that a large majority of those who are interested in selling and buying units were more active on Instagram,” the findings say.

Gaps between realtors and prospective buyers?

Agents and real estate developers were the most active on social media.

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Their activities exceeded 67.2% of the buzz. They remarkably publishing most of the posts and content related to selling and buying apartments.

Male users were almost 3 times more active than female users.

“We assume that male users are more interested in investing, buying, and selling real estate than women, at least in the MENA region,” CrowdAnalyzer notes.

What are users interested in?


Users who were more interested in renting units interacted noticeably with Instagram posts, but the majority still preferred to interact with realtors on Twitter.

2-Engagement: (Twitter) 66.7%; (Instagram) 33%; (Others) 0.3%

3-Buying and Selling

Although more than 50% of the posts about buying and selling units were on Instagram, 92.5% of the engagement and interactions were on Twitter.

4-Engagement: (Twitter) 92.5%; (Instagram) 7.41%; (Others) 0.09%

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Which Platform Should Realtors Optimize Their Content On?

While Instagram was the most used platform to post about real estate, It was preferred by those who are interested in selling and buying villas and apartments rather than renting.

So should realtors pay more attention to Instagram if they are aiming to rent out units? Should you pay more on Instagram?

“This depends on many factors unrelated to the number of users, such as the location, gender, and other demographics. However, by depending on the buzz we monitored, and by solely counting activities across all countries. It seems that Instagram is not necessarily the platform you want to utilize the most,” CrowdAnalyzer notes.

“No company should focus its strategy on one platform based solely on the number of activities or mentions. We strongly believe that the interactions received on these posts is what realtors are actually looking for,” it added.