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Women prolific Twitter users in KSA and UAE. But what do they use it for?

In the Gulf region, women on Twitter are young and active mostly in Saudi Arabia and markets such as UAE and Kuwait.

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Findings from research conducted by Hall & Partners in June with female Twitter users in Saudi Arabia and UAE revealed that women on Twitter, who are mostly working mothers (77% and 49% are employed in UAE and Saudi Arabia respectively, and more than half are mothers with 2 or more children) check the platform multiple times a day (1 in 2 check Twitter several times a day).

“As working women, their time is scarce and also very valuable, giving brands the opportunity to reach not only mothers, but young mothers in specific,” said Benjamin Ampen, Managing Director, MENA, Twitter.

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The research revealed that a large majority of women (73%) come to Twitter to see what’s happening both around the region and around the world, (60%) to follow public figures and (44%) to connect with brands.

“The public nature of Twitter allows women to see, share, and be part of what’s happening in the moment,” said Ampen. “Rather than ‘look at me’, the behavior is geared towards ‘look at this’ and the real-time conversation around it.”

The research also revealed that more than half (53%) of women turn to Twitter to connect around their passions. Their passions shift with age, with conversations around fashion and style being popular at a younger age, while discovering content around cooking gains traction in their mid-20’s.

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As for video, 9 in 10 women consume video content and a large majority (86%) use Twitter while watching TV.

To complement what they’re watching, 1 in 3 Tweet about what they’re watching, 1 in 4 consume content around what they’re watching and 1 in 6 both Tweet and consume content while they’re watching TV.

“Video is at the core of how women are connecting with their passions on Twitter. These passions naturally translate to TV where women are still viewing their favorite shows but leveraging Twitter to compliment what they are watching on TV,” said Ampen.

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“Twitter allows women to engage, discover new content and news around their passion points that they can then easily share. It’s a platform that enables that direct brand-to-consumer relationship and allows women to discover new brands around their passions,” he adds.