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Zain holds exclusive “Steps Towards Further Success” seminar for staff

Facilitated by Storehouse Cofounder Mark Kawano

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, recently held an exclusive seminar for its employees entitled “Steps Towards Further Success”.

The seminar was facilitated by Mark Kawano, Cofounder and CEO of popular social media app Storehouse, and came as part of Zain’s strategic partnership with the fourth edition of the Youth Empowerment Symposium.

The exclusive seminar that saw the participation of both company executives and employees came in line with Zain’s Human Resources development strategy.

The company places the growth and development of its staff as a top priority and believes investing in the human element of its operations will ultimately have a positive impact on the company overall.

During the seminar, Kawano shared his experience in following his dream and developing Storehouse to becoming one of the most successful social media applications. The cofounder also discussed the challenges he faced during the early days of developing the app as well as the necessary steps that every entrepreneur must undertake to reach success and achieve their dreams.

Zain employees expressed their admiration in Kawano’s success story, who stressed on the importance of following one’s passion in order to achieve success. Kawano explained that his passion and love for photography and storytelling led him into developing the app, which received the Apple Design Award in 2014 and the 2015 TechCrunch Best Mobile Application title.

Zain is keen on finding and providing the best development programs to its human resources, with the aim to raise their skills up to international standards. The company will continue to bring the most renowned international speakers and innovative thinkers to share their experiences with its employees throughout the year.

Storehouse is a mobile application that turns a collection of photos and videos into a shareable story. It provides users with a fast and easy way to share a collection of photos from their iPhone or iPad by creating a collage, album or telling a story and sharing all of the moments that made the memory.

Zain was the strategic partner of this year’s fourth Youth Empowerment Symposium that was attended by a number of local and international experts and pioneers who shared their personal experiences with participants and highlighted the importance of building oneself through education.