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Zain sponsors VOYA Film Festival 2014

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, announced its sponsorship of the VOYA Film Festival 2014 which is the first international film festival organized by Kuwaiti youth.

The event is an opportunity for talented young local filmmakers to show off their projects in a vibrant environment, and represent a positive image of Kuwait on an international forum.

Zain’s sponsorship of the film festival falls under the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, which aims to support the achievements and talents of young people on a local, regional, and international basis.

Zain looks to continue highlighting the accomplishments of Kuwait’s future leaders as well as to develop their skills and talents further to fulfil their potential.

Zain representatives attended the opening of the VOYA Film Festival, which was held in Los Angeles in late November and a series of short films that were written, directed, and filmed by a group of ambitious young Kuwaitis were shown at the event. Projects undertaken by other Arab youth were also highlighted, with an honoring ceremony incorporated into the program to identify distinguished contributors to the film industry.

The festival’s upcoming activities will include a variety of professional workshops organized in collaboration with leading filmmaking academies from around the world, while a group of invited international movie stars will participate and share their expertise in the fields of acting and directing.

The VOYA Film Festival aims to become one of the most anticipated events in media by being positioned as a regional hub for creativity and innovation in the world of filmmaking. The festival offers distinctive programs that can contribute to the global community while it also showcases the work of Kuwaiti and Arab filmmakers.