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Hot coffee will get you a raise if your boss is holding the cup

That’s what LinkedIn believes anyway, but science and studies also seem to agree.

Your manager is more likely to be swayed if they have a warm beverage in hand while sitting in a comfy chair, according to research by Yale’s John Bargh.

“Such pleasant stimuli takes advantage of an idea called “embodied cognition,” the notion that our physical environment can influence our perceptions and feelings. And when we’re in our comfort zones, we’re more inclined to be agreeable,” announced LinkedIn.

Is there proof to this?

What science says

According to industry site, Fast Company, before you sit down with your supervisor, or a potential investor or client, it might be better to ask them out for a hot cup of coffee or tea instead of meeting in your office, as this will boost your powers of persuasion.

“This is all part of a larger area of study that the brain is connected to the body and doesn’t act as if it is completely divorced from physical signals,” Fast Company reported.

John Bargh’s study included participants briefly being handed cups of coffee (either hot or iced) to hold while a research assistant recorded their names. They weren’t made aware that the cups were part of the experiment. During the experiment, participants were asked to rate a stranger’s personality.

The study found that “there was a significant difference between the two groups, such that participants who held the hot coffee cup saw person A as being more generous, more sociable.” reported research from Harvard, Yale, and MIT that shows that if your counterpart is holding a warm cup of coffee, it favorably predisposes them toward you.

According to science.sciencemag, touch is both the first sense to develop and a critical means of information acquisition and environmental manipulation.

Warmth gives impressions of warmth.

People can read a lack of compassion and warmth a mile away, and they’ll stay a mile away when they sense it, Inc reports.

How you can project warmth

Follow these tips to create a warm conversation

1-Ice breakers. How about mentioning spring and summer weather even when it’s cold out there. Talk about warm things in life before you get serious into your conversation

2-hmmm…Interesting- Prioritize being interested, not interesting. Make it about them, not you.

3-Touch: Touch someone. No, not a telecom ad. Actually create physical contact with the person in front of you, giving a light touch with a heartfelt compliment.

4- Comfy settings: let your counterpart choose a most comfortable chair, with light behind them and flowery scents surrounding them.

5- Smile: Make sure you engage with a bright genuine smile and don’t let it disappear when a hint of criticism coming your way.

 Melinda Lockhart, CEO-DecisionHub / Managing Partner-SMARTnTX said: “All this time I’ve been focused on negotiating techniques. It never dawned on me to just offer a cup of coffee!”