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Expert: Top tips for training your employees

Words by Matthew Benjamin and James Siggers, Founders of Benjamin Siggers

A business is only as successful as the skills of its employees. Taking the time to train staff allows for both personal and professional development which is beneficial for a company.

So what are some of these benefits? Increased productivity, higher quality work, and motivation, as well as reduced staff turnover and increased customer satisfaction, are just a few of the advantages of training.

There are a variety of different training options, such as coaching, e-learning, job shadowing, mentoring, networking/seminars, and workshops.

Here, the co-founders of luxury menswear tailor, Benjamin Siggers, Matthew Benjamin, and James Siggers, provide their tips on taking steps to offer training to your employees.


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Make a plan

Decide what employees need to learn and use it as a guide when it comes to putting training into place. Make a list of desired skills and research the best options for your business. Asking employees for their input is also a great way to gain insight into what coaching they believe they need to get the job done more better and efficiently.


Training is an ongoing process and as an employer, you should continually find new ways for employees to gain and improve their skills. Offer a selection of options throughout the year and allow employees to pick and choose those they wish to commit to.

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Train the Trainer

Some of the best training can come from in-house. Have staff train and mentor one another, allowing for team bonding and staff to impart wisdom to others.

Set Goals

It is important to ensure your training program is working so set objectives for each employee and provide an evaluation.  Once training is finished, have employees provide feedback and suggestions on how training programs can be improved.

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Use online resources

Luckily due to the internet, there are thousands of training programmes at the touch of a Google search. Setting up online options, such as webinars and courses, allows for multiple employees to have training simultaneously, providing efficiency as well as being cost effective.

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