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Nasco Insurance Group launches its training academy

"Grow the Business, Grow the People" - the group's motto states. It now aims to enhance its employees' leadership, insurance, and communications skills.

Nasco deeply committed to development of new skills and talents Employees considered to be the most important asset More than 200 employees have been trained in one or more of the programs

Nasco, one of the region’s leading Insurance Groups, has launched its Training Academy back in 2017 with the objective of continuously growing its employees.

The Academy will offer all company employees the opportunity to take part in continuous development programs to empower them with knowledge and enhance their skills and business acumen.

This move comes in line with the Group motto “Grow the Business, Grow the People”.

At Nasco, employees are the most important asset, which is why the company is deeply committed to the ongoing development of its talents.

The Academy has been established to ensure that the employees have the leadership, insurance, and communications skills necessary to serve the clients at the highest level.

Nasco began its employee development programs in-house before partnering with Pearson for the design and delivery of an Executive Management Program covering the following topics:

-Organizational and Team Leadership Professional Certificate – by University of Queensland (Australia)

-Finance Management Fundamentals Professional Certificate – by University of British Columbia (Canada)

-Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Professional Certificate – by Wharton University (University of Pennsylvania)

Partnering with the education industry’s top players has put Nasco on the map as one of the best companies to work for, while continually attracting new talent.

So far, over 200 employees have been trained in one or more of the programs created to remain in line with the rapid changes in the industry.

As part of its nurturing talent approach, Nasco Academy ensures employees are equipped with what is needed to retain, develop and attract new talents.