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5 ways to keep your office a positive space to work in

Words by Medy Navani, Founder and CEO of Design Haus Medy, an award-winning architecture and interior design practice based in Dubai.

Being a part of a positive, happy work environment is what everyone hopes for. Walking into the office, greeting your co-workers and having a light conversation over coffee is how every morning should start. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. The attitude one brings into the office plays a crucial part in the comfort and productivity of the company. A Gallup poll suggested that employees favored a positive and safe working environment over benefits, such as working from home and flexible hours. The atmosphere within the workplace plays a vital role in office wellbeing and productivity. Below, Medy Navani, Founder and CEO of Design Haus Medy, offers his advice on the best steps for all employers and employees to help create a positive workspace.

Natural Light

Having natural light in an office space not only helps productivity, it is a natural mood enhancer – not to mention it lowers energy costs. By opening up those blinds and letting the sun shine through, you will find it instinctively brightens everyone’s day. For even greater effect, add a few plants and natural aromas to give the office a breath of fresh air and keep that positivity flowing.

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Celebrate Small Victories

A simple yet effective approach to a positive office space is to merely be encouraging to your fellow colleagues. Whether it be a client presentation that went well or someone received a promotion, an individual win is a win for the team and essentially the company. You’d be surprised at the effect a few kind words have on a relationship between co-workers. Fostering an environment where everyone takes the time to make others feel appreciated will ensure positive vibes throughout the office.

Clean and Comfortable Space

The overall look of an office space can impact the frame of mind of employees. Keeping it decluttered and ensuring everyone has their desks organized will not only make the office neat, it will also allow for employees to feel more comfortable. Adding a personal element, such as a family photo or unique mousepad, to their area also provides a supportive atmosphere and can stimulate productivity.

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Use Collaborative Language

The language used by employees in an office makes a big difference in the attitude and mood of the office space. Use statements like “why don’t you try” instead of “you have to” to keep a positive relationship as collaborative language helps people accept constructive criticism from others which in turn helps co-workers behave like a team. The last thing you want is for people to get their feelings hurt over a comment made. A little kindness and sensitivity go a long way.

Make Conversation

One of the more simpler ways to keep an office environment in good spirits is by talking to each other. Encouraging employees to take a moment out of the day to make small talk allows co-workers to take their minds off of work for a few minutes and stimulates bonding between colleagues. Most conflicts in a workspace are caused by a lack of communication. So be more open, understanding and helpful and you should find you will receive a similar approach in return.

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