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Top business stories you missed last week

Here are the top five business stories from the Middle East you probably missed this week:

Here’s why oil market should watch Iran election before OPEC meeting

Millions went to the polls on Friday in Iran to choose their new president in a widely watched election, which is predicted to have far-reaching consequences on post-nuclear deal Iran. (READ MORE)

Shopaholic heaven: Dubai’s 3-day shopping bonanza is on

More than 750 retailers across the emirate – more than 250 brands – have slash prices, knocking between 30 per cent and 90 per cent off products. (READ MORE)

Are millennial travellers rewriting the tourism landscape?

New data from YouGov Reports reveals the many ways millennials aren’t vacationing like their parents’ generation. (READ MORE)

Data will add AED10 billion to Dubai economy

The opening up and sharing of data from both the government and the private sector will potentially have an annual impact of AED10.4 billion GVA (gross value added) to Dubai’s economy by 2021. (READ MORE)

Phones, apps & learning tools: Here are the best tech launches of 2017

Microsoft has announced the availability of a range of Arabic learning tools for students with special needs in Word Online and OneNote Online, including text-to-speech features. (READ MORE)