Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12: The global business release
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Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12: The global business release

Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12: The global business release

The internet has eliminated geographic borders-now, all markets are global markets and your potential competitors are worldwide. Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 helps you to think globally, work globally, and manage globally.

    Organizations in the new global economy face unique challenges in managing compliance mandates, competitors, customers, employees, and suppliers. For example, more regulatory and security requirements exert additional compliance burdens; employee and customer management across geographical and cultural boundaries strains resources; and margin
    pressures force companies to search for goods and services anywhere in the world, resulting in complex and dynamic supply networks. Oracle E-Business Suite 12 has been designed to support businesses in today's global economy.

    Think Globally

    Informed business decisions come as a result of having a single, comprehensive view of customers, suppliers, partners, and operations.
    To make the right investments in the business, you must have a global view across systems and divisions. Oracle E-Business Suite 12 helps you make decisions based on complete information-even when your systems cross regions and divisions.

    • End-to-end business intelligence and reporting - Oracle's market-leading business intelligence platform, comprised of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and Oracle E-Business Suite, delivers pervasive, role-based intelligence across your organization. Empower users at all levels and all locations-from front-line operational users to senior management-with the key information they need to make better decisions.

    • Profitability analysis and reporting - Oracle Profitability Manager helps you perform profitability analysis and reporting along any dimension of global operations, including products, channels, segments, and individual customers.

    • Advanced network-visualization tools - Oracle Strategic Network Optimization helps you optimize a complex global supply chain network. You can continuously evaluate the cost and revenue implications of decisions that affect your global supply chain by using advanced analytics and geographical visualization tools to optimize the mix and location of facilities and equipment.

    • Project analysis and alignment - Oracle Project Portfolio Analysis helps you select geographically or organizationally dispersed projects and align them to global business objectives. You can choose, fund, and prioritize global projects based on what-if-scenario analyses of portfolios.

    Work Globally

    Working in a global economy adds a new level of complexity to running a business-organizations with multiple divisions must manage processes that span different operating units or global regions. Oracle E-Business Suite 12 enables you to stay competitive by giving you the ability to operate globally while meeting local compliance requirements. For example, Release 12 offers:

    • Consistent financial reporting - Oracle Financials allows for a single transaction to create multiple accounting entries based on corporate or local Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). This provides large, multinational companies with a consistent method of financial reporting that also meets local requirements.

    • Expanded country support - Oracle Human Resources' expanded country support allows organizations to manage all employees within a single system, while adhering to local, in-country regulations.

    • Centralized accounting functions - Oracle Financials centralizes accounting, tax, payment, and banking functions to provide greater efficiencies and control with unparalleled flexibility. The new multipleledger architecture streamlines processing and reporting across legal entities. A new multi-organizational access control feature improves the productivity of shared services personnel by allowing them to process transactions across multiple operating units using a single user profile.

    • Streamlined procurement processes - Oracle Advanced Procurement delivers more-streamlined processes with a new consolidated workcenter for all procurement responsibilities, improved support for complex goods and services, and expanded supplier management and support.

    In addition, Oracle E-Business Suite 12 offers a streamlined user experience that leverages best practices from Oracle's existing and acquired product lines. The new user interface helps ensure maximum employee productivity.

    Manage Globally

    Oracle E-Business Suite 12 makes it easier and less expensive to implement, manage, and scale global applications. It includes hundreds of Web services that enable IT to easily integrate Oracle E-Business Suite applications into cross-business, cross-product business flows, and also includes:

    • Updated Web services repository - The repository enables adaptable business processes and lower-cost integrations with third-party applications.

    • Oracle Fusion Middleware certification - The certification of Release 12 on Oracle Fusion Middleware gives you the ability to manage cross-application business processes that extend the functionality of your diverse legacy systems.

    Accelerate Industry-Specific Processes

    Oracle continues to expand its support for industries, with prebuilt, adaptable vertical flows that accelerate industry-specific business
    processes. For example:

    • Communications - Oracle Order Management gives communications companies the ability to move, add, change, and disconnect services.
    • High-tech and manufacturing - Oracle Financials enables firms to meet regulatory compliance requirements in Japan, with support for harge-based Shikyu; and in China, with support for Golden Tax.

    With a streamlined user interface and thousands of new, cross-industry capabilities, Oracle E-Business Suite 12 gives you the functionality you need to compete globally. It also demonstrates Oracle's continuing commitment to the Applications Unlimited program, our long-term plan to enhance current Oracle Applications while delivering innovative, next-generation solutions.
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