Barloworld Logistics inaugurates new cold storage warehouse inside Jebel Ali Free Zone
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Barloworld Logistics inaugurates new cold storage warehouse inside Jebel Ali Free Zone

Barloworld Logistics inaugurates new cold storage warehouse inside Jebel Ali Free Zone

Barloworld Logistics, a leading provider of logistics and supply chain management solutions, recently inaugurated a new cold storage warehouse inside the Jebel Ali Free Zone in response to the UAE's growing logistics requirements. Advocate Dumisa Ntsebeza, Chairman of Barloworld Limited, personally led the inauguration of the warehouse.

    With the industrial sector now contributing 19% of the national GDP, increasing focus is being directed towards support services and facilities for industrial activities.

    In Dubai, the region's recognized transport and logistics hub, there has been a sharp rise in demand for specialized facilities to store sensitive products such as food and medicine.

    "The logistics landscape of Dubai and the UAE in general continues to diversify amidst the growing scope and influence of the industrial sector. This requires tailored services and facilities that can meet demand while maintaining operational excellence. Barloworld's new warehouse aims to satisfy an important niche of logistics service while exceeding operational demands and setting an example in sustainability as well," said Frank Courtney, Barloworld Logistics Chief Executive for the EMEA region.

    Barloworld's 22,000 sq ft cold storage warehouse can maintain temperatures of between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius to carry a host of temperature and humidity-sensitive products such as food and pharmaceuticals.

    The facility can accommodate more than 7,000 pallet positions and features multiple loading bays for efficiently loading and unloading goods. The high standard of housekeeping employed for the facility surpasses all food safety requirements as well.

    Like all Barloworld Logistics warehouses, the new facility has 24-hour CCTV monitoring and onsite security to ensure that goods are safe, don't incur shrinkage, and are not compromised in any manner. The combination of the Infor10 Warehouse Mobility software and Barloworld's own web portal enables customers to track their products in real-time and receive customized reports.

    Moreover, the warehouse is regarded as the most environmentally-friendly in Barloworld Logistics' Middle East operations. It incorporates skylights that make use of sunlight without affecting temperature and induction lighting which consumes only 20% of the electricity used by normal lighting at night.

    The warehouse forklifts operate on bio diesel and come with chargers that use 22% less electricity than regular models. Finally, a water harvesting system captures all the water from the dehumidifier for future use in toilets and gardens.

    There were many company officials in attendance; such as Clive Thomson, CEO of Barloworld Limited; Martin Laubscher, CEO of Automotive and Logistics; Steve Ford, CEO of Barloworld Logistics; Frank Courtney, CEO of Barloworld Logistics EMEA, and Brian Phillips - Financial Director of Barloworld Logistics EMEA. Staff from Barloworld Logistics Dubai participated in the event as well.

    Barloworld Logistics' key competencies include all of the traditional supply chain and logistics functions, from demand planning, freight forwarding and clearing and inventory solutions, procurement, dedicated transport services, transport management services and warehousing and distribution.

    The company's Middle East offices are equipped with clearance license, customs accreditation and ISO 9001 accreditation. There are four warehouses having a total capacity of over 23,000 pallet positions that can store dry cargo as well as temperature sensitive cargo from 18C to 40C.
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