Centro Sharjah being green
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Centro Sharjah being green

Centro Sharjah being green

Centro Sharjah colleagues from different departments joined hand-in-hand to come out with one goal, to promote Rotana Earth and Centro Sharjah as an eco-friendly hotel.

Centro Sharjah "being green" initiative was started in May and we planted within the vicinity of the hotel different types of vegetables like: cucumber, tomato, spinach peppers, chillies, etc. with the collective efforts of colleagues. After two months it's time to harvest the first vegetables and share what we have planted.

"It has been very interesting and exciting, to see what we reaped from what we sowed," said Mr. Michael Kasch, General Manager-Centro Sharjah.

"A million thanks to all colleagues especially those who have good experience of growing vegetables in their home countries who have brought their knowledge to this initiative and been able to share it with everyone," he added.

Centro Sharjah has a big landscape which has been an advantage to grow vegetables organically. The hotel formed a committee headed by Babu Suresh, the Chief Engineer and Nathalia Attieh, the EHS Manager that will look the development of the garden to make sure that is properly taken care of. Other colleagues were taught how to grow and take care of the garden, like how many times it should be watered, where and when to replant and learn the benefits of organic gardening.

Centro Sharjah the 3rd Centro brand of Rotana was only opened in 2011 has been actively involved in different community and environment social responsibility that's been participated by the guests and colleagues.

"We have got a real commitment towards the Rotana Earth and working outside the hotel with this project is a great way of supporting it. This is the first organic garden and the first vegetable harvested within two months has been extremely successful and we are planning to add more fruits and see what are the best vegetables and fruits that could be planted during summer and winter," Michael ended.
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