DTK launches high-end range of computers
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DTK launches high-end range of computers

DTK launches high-end range of computers

DTK Computer Middle East – a leading manufacturer of business and personal desktops, notebooks and servers – today announced the launch of its Cuatro PC range, featuring black colored exteriors, as part of its strategy to meet the needs of dynamic executives in the Middle East who are interest in design and aesthetics.

    "We decided to introduce the new series of Cuatro – 4400, 4200, 4300 and 5100 – to provide Middle East consumers with a variety of form factors to choose from including looks, size and shape," said Nimer Al Attal, Managing Director, DTK Computer Middle East.

    "The powerful Cuatro series appeals to corporate users because it is highly flexible and offers a scalable solution. The Cuatro range of PCs can handle the most complex audio, digital, video, imaging, gaming, communications and entertainment tasks."

    The company's move to produce its new products in black helps consumers to identify machines that are equipped with the most up-to-date technology. "From now on, people will recognize that any DTK computer that is black has the latest innovations," said Al Attal.

    Business users are offered greater levels of productivity with DTK's new range of Intel 865 G-based Cautro 4330 and 4350 (Tower and Desktop) PCs because of their ability to carry out multi-tasking, 2D and 3D rendering and content creation.

    The Cuatro 5170 (Middle Tower) is also popular because it has the Intel 875P Chipset that offers users the opportunity to carry out graphics and multi-media tasks of the highest standard.

    "Computer literate people in the Middle East are extremely technology-savvy and are quite clear headed about what they want from their systems," said Al Attal.

    "But DTK is also aware that there is an emerging trend in the region for the introduction of stylish machines that also offer the highest standards in computing technology. At DTK we recognize the importance of design and we are committed to leading the field when it comes to elegance."

    Over the net year, DTK expects to increase its market share in the PC segment by more than 10 percent with its new Cuatro series. The company sees this as an achievable aim based on the region's corporate leaders demanding high-performance and quality-based technology.

    "Since DTK established its operations at Jebel Ali in 1996, the company has enjoyed enviable success in the region's PC segment. The introduction of this innovative and elegantly designed range of black PCs, servers and e-boxes will help to boost our business by about 10 percent," said Al Attal.

    While DTK's entire range of PCs, servers and e-boxes will eventually be made available across the Middle East in black, the company has initially introduced the Cuatro Black desktop PCs in the 4200, 4300 and 4400 series.
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