EMC launches new S Class with interactive quiz
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EMC launches new S Class with interactive quiz

EMC launches new S Class with interactive quiz

Approximately 1000 persons were given the chance to win a replica S Class Mercedes-Benz car at the recent launch of the new car.

    Satellite, a leading presentation company in the Middle East, based at Dubai Media City, provided wireless keypads, similar to those used by the audience in the television show "Who wants to be a Millionaire?"

    The use of these keypads allows each participant to respond to questions anonymously, and to see a real-time display of all participants' responses. The questions themselves are created with software that directly adds into MS PowerPoint, thus making the system very easy to use by anyone already familiar with creating PowerPoint slides.

    Satellite, which focuses on next-generation digital media, services and solutions, is pioneering the use of this technology in conferences and events.

    "Interactive Presentations are an exciting new tool that gives a new edge to conferences," said John Quinn, General Manager, Satellite. "Its key feature is that it allows the audience to interact with the content on screen, instead of staring at it passively. Event Organizers who have already embraced this technology have found that it has revolutionized their event," he said.
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