Innovation on the road - Xerox helps Mideast firms accelerate
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Innovation on the road - Xerox helps Mideast firms accelerate

Innovation on the road - Xerox helps Mideast firms accelerate

Business have more in common than ever before when it comes to modernisation and emerging technologies, but the challenge remains understanding customers' goals, according to Xerox.

    The pace of innovation in the technology industry and the ubiquity of information means customers know what they need before even speaking with a vendor, but it is not just a matter of presenting options for customers to choose, says John Paul Teti, Xerox Middle East and Africa's Production Technology division, following the Xerox Customer Innovation Tour.

    "Two trends are emerging around automation and customisation," says Teti. "Customers are seeking ways to automate repetitive processes to improve efficiencies and reduce variability. Similarly, they are tell us that the content that is consumed both internally and externally has to be both easier to access and more relevant to the end user."

    For two weeks during May 2013, the brand toured seven different markets to speak and listen to enterprise customers. The goal was to collaborate in the creation of productive and profitable business ideas that our customers can use to improve their organisations.

    The enthusiasm for this approach was clear, with over 600 people turning out to spend time with Xerox and learn something they can bring back to their organisations to drive positive change.

    "The most exciting part of doing business in the Middle East is the pace at which it is changing and the willingness of organisations to quickly adopt new technologies," Teti tells AMEinfo. "This presents great opportunities for companies like Xerox and we are confident that if we get the customer engagement part right our future in the region will be a successful one."

    Opportunities for growth do vary across markets but key trends are rationalising costs, improving productivity and ensuring access to content.

    "Of course, different businesses in different industries are looking to achieve different goals, but everyone is interested in being more productive, managing costs proactively, communicating more effectively, sharing data more easily and generally being more profitable. Xerox technology and service offerings facilitate progress in all of these areas that are important to customers," says Teti.
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