Mobile seen as most versatile channel for marketers
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Mobile seen as most versatile channel for marketers

Mobile seen as most versatile channel for marketers

Mobile is emerging as the most multi-dimensional channel available to marketers, according to a leading market research firm.

    Smart devices enable customer interaction on a personal level with new forms of engagement and rewards while providing retailers with valuable advertising opportunities, the newly published TNS Mena Annual Mobile Life Report finds.

    The report looks at consumer behaviour, motivation and attitude based on responses from 38,000 people in 43 countries, intended to help companies develop a mobile business and marketing strategy.

    The UAE enjoys a 73% penetration of mobile internet usage while Mena and global figures remain at 41% and 51% respectively. The study also shows that 83% of users in the UAE agree that mobile 'is an extension of me - I feel lost without it' with 81% stating their mobile is their most important piece of technology.

    "As more people gain access to smartphone technology, they are eager to use new content and multiple functions as long as they deliver convenience, experience, reassurance, relevance and independence," explains Steven Hamilton-Clark, CEO of TNS Mena.

    "Saving consumers time, effort, and delighting them with simple convenient solutions is key for a brand to remain in the mobile circle of trust," he says.

    The study also highlights how customers want to interact with the world around them as they look for brand experiences that engage, entertain and remain top of mind.

    "We found that consumers want to take the risk out of decision making and have the reassurance of assessing products and offers with relation to sources that they trust to make an informed, independent decision," added Hamilton-Clark.

    "Furthermore brands that deliver relevant and timely solutions, linked to a location or topics of interest hold greater potential for consumer uptake. However customers seek freedom and independence to make choices and conduct activities when and where they want to."

    The study stresses how as mobile engagement grows, consumer brands must be ready to manage a full spectrum of customer services, from assisting pre-purchase research, through to product selection, purchase, delivery, as well as a slick after-sales service.

    "While we continue to choose diverse ways of seeking purchasing reassurance, an integrated approach that meets customer needs at all touch points is essential," says Hamilton-Clark.
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