Mobily launches Ranan mega promotion
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Mobily launches Ranan mega promotion

Mobily launches Ranan mega promotion

Mobily launched Ranan service competition which allows the subscribers to access the daily draw on prizes amounting 4 million Riyals and for a period of 56 days (8 weeks) as part of its attractive marketing plan which Mobily usually launches from time to time on a number of its innovative products.

Mobily said that Ranan competition requires the contestants to get any number of points to enter the weekly draw to win SAR 50,000 per day, SAR100, 000 weekly and the grand prize of SAR 500,000 per month. Points can be acquired by sending a free SMS containing 1 or 2 or 3 to 604040 for free, later the subscriber will receive tones and he will vote for the best ones. In case the selected a winning tone by voting, then he will get the points to qualify him for direct entry into the draw.

Mobily explained that subscription to the service is not a requirement to enter the draw, but it gives several opportunities and more points. The chance to win one of the prizes will be bigger. Moreover, buying the tones or gifting them to friends and family members will give preference to the competitors.

Mobily clarified that the competition will be launched on Friday 22nd August 2014 and will last for two consecutive months. The draw on prizes will be on weekly basis, and winners will be contacted to get their prizes.

The Ranan Mega campaign comes as a continuation for its successful marketing campaigns launched earlier this year on this service by Mobily, which gave the subscribers the chance to win a number of cars.

Ranan service is considered one of the services that witness a growing demand, especially after Mobily having allocated "Mobily Ranan" service an innovative application which can be downloaded for free from the Apple Appstore and Android Google play store, which allows all customers to set special tones heard by the caller instead of a normal tone. The application provides the user full authority to control all Ranan services in a new and innovative way.

Mobily has added the personal tones service, which is the first of its kind in the world that allows users to inform callers about their current status through the selection of voice messages that were already recorded in a new innovative way for different occasions. Mobily has also activated the new Ranan tones album feature, which allows subscribers to download an album containing 10 different tones changing upon each call. The albums contain the most famous and recent Islamic and entertainment contents.
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